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I’ve Learned……



I’ve Learned…..


I’ve learned, never take your health for granted

it can be gone in a flash

then it’s aches, pains, frustration

as you can’t do what was once so easily done


I’ve learned, as I grow older I expect more from me

sometimes though it can’t be delivered

my mind says I’m 20, fit and strong

the body laughs with glee, then throws another pain at me


I’ve learned, friends don’t have to be ‘seen’

they live in this virtual machine

I have found some really good people

who reach out to me in my time of need


I’ve learned, love is precious, rare and good

it props me up, feeds my needs, makes me stronger

maybe it’s just an emotion, but it feels so much more

as I feel it fuel my desires, wants and hopes


I’ve learned, words are powerful, magical, sentient things

they swirl around me, feed my soul, nourish my mind

when they come from friends, afar or near

they make me glad to be alive


I’ve learned, that I’m stronger than I knew

life has a way of testing your strength, your reserves

it throws things at you that you never thought you could handle

toughens you up, or breaks you down, but never leaves you the same


I’ve learned, 3am is a lonely time in this world,

it’s quiet, still, not yet light, not yet dark time

that in between time when all things are possible or impossible

the doubts come rushing in to keep you company


I’ve learned, that an animal’s love in unconditional

they will stick with you through tears, meltdowns,

a pet will kiss your tears away, make you smile

time matters little to them, they just want you happy


I’ve learned, stubbornness is not a bad thing to have

this trait can help you over some of the roughest parts of life

I have had to rely on it many times lately

but it has pulled me through and I’m stronger for it


I’ve learned many things the past few months

and I have had to teach myself some others

In the end, I’ve found one precious thing

I’ve learned to love me again………….



23 thoughts on “I’ve Learned……

      1. Actually I need to look this up…because more than likely I was already awake since mine comes before yours. Always feel free to try to email me in the middle of the night. I’ll either be awake and answer or you won’t be disturbing me and I’ll see it when I get up.


  1. I feel these words as I so often feel your words. We age but remain the same. My mind says I’m 20 also but, well, my body is like a new babe. Taking small steps, not sure how to move my body and sometimes considering using diapers.


  2. I think learning to love you and knowing you is more lovable than you realised is a great step forward Jackie. Great reflection on your past weeks, all strength to you.


    1. Thank you Michael. Sometimes we are our own worse enemies. Learning to love ourselves is harder than it should be. As always good to see you make a visit.


  3. *body covered in goose bumps* This was beautiful, Jackie! I think I have learned what you have learned. And I love how it ‘ain’t’ all bad! Loving yourself is key, without that you can’t have anything else! 🙂


  4. You were reading my mind. As long as I don’t look in a mirror I still believe I am 20 and hate how my body betrays me, but like you I have learned to accept it and embrace who I am now.


  5. It’s funny how our mind doesn’t really want to recognize the aging process. Inside we don’t feel much older at all, it’s the body that gives us lessons…I’m happy you’ve found the love for yourself again! That’s indeed a good place to be. My hugs to you my friend ❤


    1. My 85 yr old mother is the same about aging. I asked her once, how old she is when she looks in the mirror. She said she thinks of herself about 40. She sees 60 and she feels most days 80 lol. That pretty much sums it up.

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      1. For a long time I thought of myself as 29ish. Now that I have matured, I think about myself as mid to upper thirties 🙂 It’s quite funny how we are…


  6. Now that’s a poem I can relate to. Yesterday I woke at 2:30, today at 3:33. What does one do at that hour of the morning and not disturb the rest of the sleeping world? I guess I’ll read blogs and get caught up. Mostly I fret over the amount of work that still needs to be done here and wonder where the money tree is hiding. An animal’s unconditional love is something I miss a lot but will probably not have again. My life is too unbalanced right now. I really hope you are healing. Getting older is hard enough without the body adding insult to injury. Hang in there. Hugs.


    1. Not much to do at 3am or so is there? That’s the time I worry about things too. Not a good time of day. I am healing, very slowly though. But I am older and a diabetic, so things heal a lot slower than I am liking. Hope you are doing well otherwise Marlene. big hugs.


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