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How Much of Me Can You Handle?! ~~ 2014 Week 36

canadian-snow-humoure2808f_026Hello people! First I wanted to say something before we get into the Share Your World questions.


Whew, glad I got that out of my system. The reason for the tiny meltdown, is last night and this morning we here in my part of Alberta Canada are having snow. Yes folks, you read that correctly. SNOW! The other day it was 27c (81F) today it isΒ 1c (34F) with snow. We are also supposed to get an accumulation of about 5 – 10 cm (2-4 inches). This is crazy! It’s not even the middle of September yet. I am just not ready for this crap yet.

Any readers out there in warm climates wanting to have a room-mate for say, about 6 months?? Anyone?? I don’t take up much room, promise. I don’t eat much. In fact I’ll be your cook! I’m a great cook, I cook, you eat, I stay at your house. Good deal right? No? Maybe??

Well think about it and get back to me by the end of the week (I do have a valid passport).

Ok, now on with the questions. Cee from Cee’s Photography has asked us 4 good questions again this week. Thanks Cee.



Do you prefer reading coffee table books (picture), biographies, fiction, non-fiction, educational?

I will read just about anything I can get my hands on. All though, looking at picture books is not really reading is it? Never mind. I enjoy beautiful pictures too. I prefer fiction or biographies, but like I said I’ll read anything, even my own stories!

What is your biggest fear or phobia? (no photos please)

I would have to say my biggest phobia is bees. I’m allergic to bees so that tends to play a big part in my phobia. I’m not as frightened as when I was younger, but I don’t like them to get too close to me. I was stung for the first time in years last summer. A bee flew up my pants leg and stung my shin about 3 times before I got it out. Thankfully, I didn’t pass out as I usually do, but I had to ice the shin down as it swelled quite large because of it.Β  The next one is spiders. Ugh.

What is your favorite cheese?

I would have to say my all time favorite is Colby. I don’t find it very often here where I live in Canada. When I lived in the states I could find it quite easily. I love that cheese. Anyone want to send me some? Now, I buy Swiss a lot, or mild cheddar. I love most cheeses except the ones that smell and have mold on it….

What is your favorite month of the year?

September has always been my favorite. Not only is it my birthday month (the 12th), it’s usually a beautiful one with the fall colors starting and cool days, bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds.



So there you have it. This week’s bit about me. So what’s your favorite month?



38 thoughts on “How Much of Me Can You Handle?! ~~ 2014 Week 36

  1. Wait, did the poster above just say DC is supposed to have a harsh winter? Great.

    I may just come up there now and get it over with, Jackie.


  2. And I though Cleveland had goofy ass weather…I would invite you here, but we have had snow as early as mid October before. :/


  3. Its sunny today in the land down under. My favourite month is October, it just is. Phobias? Attack dogs bother me. Colby cheese I can buy here but I like a mature cheese, a bit like myself…..


  4. Snow! OMG, it’s far too early. I hope this was a false start and you’ll have 20 C temperatures again soon, and beautiful fall colors. It’s funny that we both have birthdays in September…and my dear dad will be 91 a day before you’re 39! Many hugs to you my friend!


  5. I started laughing when I read the title and kept on as I went through the post. The picture of the snow with the lawnmower handle sticking up is priceless. Everyone told me I would hate Oregon with all it’s rain. My last winter in Arizona had 6 ft of snow and it took down everything. We hired a backhoe to dig us out and guys to shovel off the roof to keep it from collapsing. No, I will never mind the rain. You don’t have to shovel it.

    Colby is hard to find in a lot of places. It had always been a favorite too. Lately I found a grand Gouda that is nicely aged and that lowers the lactose content. I hoard it because it’s imported and doesn’t show up regularly. I love cheese even if it doesn’t always like me.

    September is my favorite month too. I love the weather and it’s my birthday month too. We Virgos must stick together. We are a picky bunch. Happy almost birthday.

    I would love to have you here with your little rascals. Just need to get my guest room empty. They are taking numbers for it. My son may be next unless a miracle happens and he finds a job before he loses his house. Maybe he’ll get a buyer first. My sister may have found at least a part-time job today. I’ll put them all out for someone who cooks. I hate to cook. I’m not good at it. Thanks for the giggles. I can always count on you. πŸ™‚


    1. Glad I can make you giggle Marlene. πŸ™‚ I had to laugh at the picture too. It’s almost how I felt today LOL

      I love a good cheese of any kind, but Colby is my favorite and I haven’t had any in years. I miss it.

      Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I just hope it warms up by Friday.

      I would love to visit, but family comes first. Sending out good vibes to your and your family that all goes well for them. πŸ™‚


  6. January is my favourite month here in Tasmania, Australia. It is past all the hectic Christmas frivolity, it is beautiful summer weather, and it is peaceful and quiet. Ah!


  7. Hi. Snow? Someone said that September would be Winter. Guess it’s true if you have snow. Terrified of bees, though I’ve never been stung. Cheese yummy cheese…yum.

    Happy early birthday!


  8. UGH! You poor thing. I would be crying if it snowed here now. Sobbing is more like it. 😦 Hope it melts soon. Happy Birthday fellow Virgo! I hope you do something great on Fri and the weekend. Milk it for all it’s worth. πŸ™‚


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