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Aging ~~~ A Poem




I sit, looking at my reflection in the mirror
One year older, another year added
Age is just a number they tell me
Nothing to be concerned about
It’s how you feel inside that matters
Then some days I must be 105

I see the silver in my hair
New lines in my face
Wondering how did I manage to get this far
What happened to all my plans? Dreams?
Now I seem stuck, here in the land of numbers
Neither can I go back nor forward, yet.

Life has not been easy, still I have been blessed
I am alive, able to see dreams become reality
No matter the number in my age
My dreams never fade, not really
Some just become more important than others
They shift, like the sands in my internal hourglass

I may be older, we all age if we are lucky
It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but to be proud
I have reached an age where I may move slower
I still question things, still look in wonder
That never ages and never will
Life is to be savored at any age, not taken for granted

So here I sit, a year older, still dreaming my dreams
I look at the wonders of the world, the tragedies.
Still glad to be alive, even if things are tough
As I have the ability to change things still
To live for another day, week, month, year
Gives me that much more time to make my dreams real.

My journey continues, till when? I do not know
I’m just glad that it does. For I have many dreams to fulfill
More adventures to have, people to meet
Never be afraid of aging, that is what I have learned
It’s a lesson I take to heart, one I never forget
As I move a bit slower, but ever onward in life well met.





25 thoughts on “Aging ~~~ A Poem

  1. Lovely reflective poem Jackie. I often wonder who the stranger is looking back at me in the mirror each day. Living is good, so much to do, so many people to see and meet, places to go things to do. Every day can be a great day.


  2. We are young women Jackie. As long as our minds think and create we still have dreams to catch. Our bodies may not want to cooperate but that’s okay we have chairs some that even roll. Today I read a story of a woman who celebrated her 115th birthday in May. She’s alert, she walks with a walker and goes shopping and to church. She’s the second oldest person to live to this age on record. So we may not even be half way through with living. πŸ™‚ Plenty of time to capture our dreams.


    1. I noticed that about you janet! Best way to be. πŸ™‚
      I do think I have lots of years left yet. Dreams are meant to be chased no matter the age we are.


  3. Jackie, That’s a great attitude. That’s really the only way we should look at life and live it one day at a time. πŸ™‚ —Susan


  4. Very nice poem with insightful reflections! I think the most important thing is retain that curiosity and sense of wonder you refer to. If we have that then age is just a number! Hugs to you my friend.


  5. The other option of getting older is to not. I know of many who didn’t get older. Like you, I’m grateful for each year and all that comes with it. Even the aches and pains. If I had a choice to come back as a kid or an old woman, I’d pick old every time. Nice poem and thought provoking.


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