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I’m So Vain, This Post Is About Me! ~~~ Share Your World Week 37, 2014

Hello People! Hope everyone’s week is going super good.

Yes, it’s that time of week again when you get more than your fill of ME! 😉

Cee over at Cee’s Photography is the host of a weekly question challenge, where you answer four questions about yourself. Thanks Cee for this little bit of fun every week. Go ahead and visit Cee, she has more great challenges and beautiful pictures to look at.



List three pet peeves.

1. Rude People.

2. Complainers. Now, I’m not talking about people who have illness’ or chronic pain or something like that. Usually these people are ones that complain the least! No, I’m talking about people who have a good life, good job, money in the bank and STILL find something to bitch about. Or people who complain about everything! Nothing is good enough, no one is good enough. Life sucks! I’ve known more than my fair share of people like this. They could have a million dollars, an easy life, good health and still complain. I’m just glad to be breathing every day. LOL

3. Drama. I hate drama! Not the kind you find in movies, TV shows or in books. I’m talking about being with someone and they make a scene in public, embarrass you in public. There always has to be some drama in their life and they want to tell you every. single. detail. These people usually don’t last long with me. Now again, I’m not talking about people who do have something life changing going on in their lives and need someone to talk to. I’m a great listener. I’m talking about drama queens or kings. They stub their toe on a chair leg and all of sudden they are dying! You all know what I’m talking about. You probably know, or have known someone like that at least once.


What makes you unique?

Besides just being me? Not a damn thing. LOL

Actually I’m of the school of thought that every one is unique. We all have unique talents, unique things that happen in our lives. Unique ways of looking at the world. Some maybe just a bit more than others. But under the sun we are all unique in some way.


What would be your ideal birthday present, and why?

At this moment in time? A maid. Or a maid service. Since I hurt my knee a couple of months ago my house has turned into one gigantic mess. I hate it, but am limited to what I can do right now. The knee is getting better every week, but it’s a damn slow process. So with 3 animals living with me, my house is one big hairy mess! I try to do what I can every day, but it’s a never-ending ball of a mess that keeps getting away from me.


Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?

Well, the ones my cats don’t decide to destroy, over of course. I learned my lesson while living in Texas years ago. I had a roll that you had to reach on the bottom to grab the end. Well there was a surprise waiting for me one day. A black widow spider! Good thing I’m short so noticed it before actually touching it! Since then the end is always on top! Oh and you never saw a person move so fast in your life! Wiping or not! That spider had to go before I could do anything! LOL



So there you go folks! More of me you didn’t want to know. 🙂 So how is your week going?