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Friday Fictioneers ~~ Sept 19, 2014

Hello people! Once again it’s time for that world-famous Friday Fictioneers!

Thank you Rochelle, for hosting us every week. You do a most fantastic of jobs!

If you don’t know what FF’s is all about….where you been??? Kidding. Sort of.  Anyway, FF is where around 100 people write a 100 word story based on the same picture. It’s a wonderful way of honing your writing craft or just reading some great writers. Either way click on Rochelle’s name and it will take you to her blog. That’s where you can read her amazing stories every week, or you can scroll down till you meet the blue critter, click on him and be taken to a land of many stories. Or even better join us!

If my story today is bit odd, I blame it on meds I’m taking for a toothache. LOL That’s what I’m sticking to.



Copyright - Dawn Q. Landau
Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau


Genre: Tongue in Cheek (100 words)


I been working on placing these stones just so for nigh on 60 years. Old woman Hessa they call me. I be old and my name is Hessa, so I guess it fits.

I was ‘told’ to do this many years ago. A booming voice woke me up one night from a sound sleep.

“Hessa!  Make a mighty patchwork of stones on the ground. Work it daily. Pick the best rocks and lay them end to end. You will be rewarded greatly for your faith!”

So I work every day to make this perfect.


I just wish I could understand why the voice sounded like my cousin Will’s.