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Knock, Knock~~Who’s There?~~Me Again! ~~ Week 39, 2014

Yes, I know the title is lame, but I’m tired and it’s all I could think of.

Cee from Cee’s Photography has another 4 questions for us to answer this week on Share Your World. That’s where Cee asks 4 questions, we answer them. It’s a great and fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers. Thanks Cee!

Come join us!

Now on to the questions for this week.


You were here, now you are lost.


Did you ever get lost?

Oh wow, yes! One time when I was living and working in Ft. Worth, I had to go to Dallas to have a meeting with the owner of the Antique Store that I was working at. First time I had ever driven to Dallas on my own. I was newly divorced and broke, had less than half a tank of gas and no money. Anyone who has driven Dallas knows there is always construction going on. Always! So off I went, got to the offices no problem. Had the meeting which was very successful. But, there was construction all over that part of Dallas! I couldn’t go the way I was given directions to go and their detours sucked big time. I got lost. I mean I didn’t go just a little bit out of my way lost. I was big time lost! I had no sense of direction in Texas at all. So instead of heading towards Ft Worth like I thought I was, I was heading toward Oklahoma! LOL Truth! I got so lost when I finally found a gas station to ask for directions to Iย 820 , they didn’t know any highway 820! I asked them where the hell was I? They informed me I was close to the Oklahoma border! So I headed in the opposite direction, hoping all the time I wouldn’t run out of gas as I had no cell phone and if anyone ever drove those highways back then there was nothing! I was lost for 4 hours! Finally made it back to the store and had a migraine by the end of it. I had to borrow 5 dollars from a friend so I could get gas to get home. That was the worst I had ever been lost. Or as I like to say, I don’t get lost, I have little adventures.


Who was your best friend in elementary school?

All through elementary school and half way through junior high my best friend was a girl named Gloria. Her and I were tight friends. She was also I believe a 4th or 5th cousin. Then something happened one summer and she changed. I didn’t know it till years later, but she had been molested that summer and withdrew into herself. She later dropped out school, developed a drug habit and was a prostitute. All from being raped that summer by a grown up. It was so sad, I tried many times to reach out to her, but she rebuffed me. I don’t know what happened to her, but if she’s still alive I wish her well.


Since the news television season has started in the US, list three favorite TV shows.

Well since I don’t watch TV, this is going to be a short answer. None.


If you were a mouse in your house in the evening, what would you see your family doing?

If I was a mouse in my house, I wouldn’t live long. To show you what I mean, read this post here. It says it all in a funny way.

If you don’t want to read the funny story and comic, then I’ll give another answer. In my house you would be bored to death. I would be in my office on the computer as I am every evening. My husband, who is disabled with arthritis in his spine would be laying in his bed in the living room (makeshift bedroom, living room) watching the TV. Sam my dog would be asleep on his big pillow in my office and the cats…..sleeping somewhere.




20 thoughts on “Knock, Knock~~Who’s There?~~Me Again! ~~ Week 39, 2014

    1. We don’t get lost kiddo! We have adventures! But yeah, I’m great at reading maps, but at that time I didn’t even have a darn map.


  1. It’s been great getting to know you a little better, Jackie. How horrible that your friend had to endure that. Poor thing, people don’t realise how badly their selfish actions affect others ;(

    I hate getting lost and I think I would have been in tears if I’d got lost as badly as you did! xxxx


  2. I had a lost similar to yours I was sent to the bank by my job and called myself taking a short cut back. Turns out the short cut didn’t take me to the place I thought it would instead I went into another town. I should of been back to the office in about an hour. I returned about 3 hours later and my supervisor thought I was taking liberties. I spoke to her a few months ago and told her I really was lost. I mean now I really have no reason to lie. This was before cell phones, well before they were affordable. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no sense of direction and I got lost more times then I can remember over the years but this one was the one I always remember.


    1. Getting lost like that tends to stick with you. Mine was before cell phones too. I didn’t even have a quarter to stop at a phone booth and call for help lol
      In Texas I had no sense of direction at all! Now it’s not to bad here in Canada.

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  3. I’ll start at the bottom. When I read the question, I started to laugh as I had just read your story. It tickled me so much. Getting lost like that is flat out frightening. Worse than Halloween or a horror movie. Now I understand why you accomplish so much more than I do. I have a television. I watch less than before but more than I have time for. A disabled husband is 2 full time jobs. I know about that. Unfortunately, mine could still follow me EVERYWHERE. It hurts us all to hear about what happened to your friend. We will send good thoughts into the universe for her wherever she is. When I hear that someone has violated another, I just want to throttle that person. Too bad they got away with it.


  4. I had a very similar “lost” experience when I was completely new in the US and in Washington D.C. going back home from a meeting in Virginia…dark, sleet coming down heavy and almost no gas…no cell phone, of course. Got home with the last drops of gas several hours late. Not too fun. But such is life, lost and found. I also lost contact with my best friend through all school and college years. A drunk driver killed her 8 year old daughter and she became very bitter and didn’t want any contact with anyone…I tried and tried for years. Sad.


    1. So sorry about your friend, that’s hard to take. Some people never get over a lose like that. I hate getting lost like that for hours. It’s scary.


  5. My best getting lost story, and I think I posted it on my blog ages ago actually, was when I was in my 20s working in London. My boss asked me to pick up a visitor from the tube station, we hadn’t met him before, he was from abroad (can’t remember what country!) the station was only 5 minutes drive from work, but I didn’t yet know the area well and after I picked the guy up I accidentally ended up driving onto this one-way system that led me to a motorway and then found myself hurtling up the motorway for miles in a direction I didn’t know. I also hadn’t been driving long so didn’t have the confidence to just exit anywhere I could and try and figure my way back, I kept looking for signs I recognised while driving further and further away. For some reason I didn’t want to admit I was lost to this visitor, so I kept saying “Nearly there now”, whilst trying to smile but probably looking really flustered. It got more and more awkward, and he kept looking around nervously and I’m pretty sure he thought this mad English woman was kidnapping him!


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