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Friday Fictioneers ~~~ Oct 10, 2014

Friday Fictioneer is where around 100 people write a 100 word story based on the same picture. It’s a wonderful way of honing your writing craft or just reading some great writers.

Rochelle is our fearless leader in this shindig. Thank you Rochelle!  Click on Rochelle’s name and it will take you to her blog. That’s where you can read her amazing stories every week, or you can scroll down till you meet the blue critter, click on him and be taken to a land of many stories. Or even better join us!




Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields



Genre: Literary Fiction (100 words)


Sitting with a vodka bottle, Sonja looked at all the musical paraphernalia.  She let out a wet hiccup and took another slug of booze.

“Ah Jorgie, why’d you have to go and get yourself dead?”

That bus came outta nowhere Sonja!

“Now I’m even hearing your voice! I never was good with the booze.”

No, you never were, but you’re one fine singer.

Sonja’s watery eyes grew large as she saw Jorge shimmer in front of her.


It’s me Sonja, how about we make some music?

Six months later the #1 song on the charts…….

“Ghosts of Love’ by Sonya