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Special Memories ~~~ A Poem




Special Memories

Seeing pictures of your oldest daughter
Newly married, you would have been proud
Happy smiles, love abound, tender moments
Camera captures it all so well…….

Scrolling through her pictures on social media
I find pictures of you and my breath stops
Just for a second I hear your soft laughter
See the twinkle in your blue eyes……

I remember how your voice sounded
Your lips turned slightly up
As you told me you loved me
Your kiss telling me even more…….

We had so many good years together
Before I made that mistake
The one that took me away from you
The one regret in my life…….

Even then, your blue eyes were losing their sight
Your body slowly losing its battle
Diabetes, such an evil disease, too little known
How I wish I would have been braver and stayed………

We remained best friends, even through the hurt
I was so glad for your great heart, your forgiveness
Even when I can’t do the same for myself
Your mind ever bright, even as your light dimmed……

One day I tried emailing you, I hadn’t heard from you in weeks
Before I could, that fateful note arriving in my inbox
From your beloved oldest daughter,
Confirming my worst fears, you were no longer among us……..

I sat and stared at the words, tears flowing, heart breaking
Damning myself for not being there with you in the end
Gone too soon, much too soon, my best friend
How I mourn you still……

Seeing your picture once again brought forth the pain
But even brighter, it showed me the love we had
Even mistakes could not erase
Feeling your love even now, wrapping itself around my heart…..

Years have passed, your presence lingers
Love still bright as if it was yesterday
Sometimes I hear your soft voice
Saying, “I love you”
And know we will meet again one day
Till then I have our special memories………

20 thoughts on “Special Memories ~~~ A Poem

    1. Sad? Hm, I don’t know, more melancholy I think than sad. Just passing memories. We all have them I think. Thanks for stopping in Michael, always a pleasure.


    1. Thank you Marlene. I saw the wedding photos of his oldest daughter on FB and the memories just came flooding back. He would be so proud of her. She turned out to be a wonderful young woman.


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