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Friday Fictioneers ~~~ Oct 17, 2014

Friday Fictioneer is where around 100 people write a 100 word story based on the same picture. It’s a wonderful way of honing your writing craft or just reading some great writers.

Rochelle is our fearless leader in this writing party. Thank you Rochelle!  Click on Rochelle’s name and it will take you to her blog. That’s where you can read her amazing stories every week, or you can scroll down till you meet the blue critter, click on him and be taken to a land of many stories. Or even better join us!



Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy
Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy



Genre: Literary Fiction (100 words)


Julie looked inside her dad’s workshop and shook her head at the mess.

“Dad, I was after you for years to clean this place up! Now that you’re dead it’s up to me.”

As she looked  around, still muttering sadly, her eyes fell on a plaque on a corner table. She stepped closer as she recognized the shells on it. Those were hers from when she was a kid! Her dad kept them all these years.

Julie picked up the plaque and saw written on the back in her Dad’s shaky handwriting.

‘To my daughter who always made an old man proud.’


I enjoy reading, writing, and painting. I love animals and at present have one dog (Sam) and 2 cats (brother and sister, Notwen and Pouncer). I've lived in various places in the USA and now in Canada. I've always enjoyed watching life and people and have developed an appreciation for it all. My outlook is sometimes out of the normal.... but that's what makes things so interesting! I am always interested in the opinions of others. Everyone has their own outlook and it's always worthwhile to listen!

32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers ~~~ Oct 17, 2014

  1. Dear Jackie,

    What a sweet story. Apparently her dad knew his time was short and left her a wonderful gift. I’m sure she felt much better about cleaning up the workshop after that.

    On a teeny grammatical note…”now that your dead…” should be “now that you’re dead.” 😉

    Aside from that, nicely done.




  2. I’m thinking you must be feeling better. Your writing has a softer edge in this piece. That sign and the saved treasures would turn around the most sour of children. I didn’t notice the grammar of it. It was just warm.


  3. I really enjoyed this, Jackie.

    I read a few of these, and it’s fascinating how different everyone’s interpretation of the same photo is.


  4. Ah, if only every adult could find a memento like this when a parent dies to receive that final approval. You are so talented with your stories.


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