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Are You Ready for More Me?? ~~ Share Your World, Week 45, 2014

Here I am, once again, answering questions put forth by Cee from Cee’s Photography. She does this every week, asks 4 questions and we fellow bloggers answer them. Why not go over to Cee’s and join us! Or just go over and visit Cee and enjoy her wonderful photos.

Now on with the questions and my answers.



What is your favorite color?

Any kind of purple. It used to be blue when I was younger, then I turned to the color red. Now it’s purple. For me it has a soothing effect.

In what do you find the simplest of joys?

I could give the stock answers, Sam my dog, books, coffee. But I think I’ll go a different way today. I find some of the simplest joys just sitting on my patio during a spring or summer day watching the birds feed at the feeder. I sometimes can sit for hours, just daydreaming about different things. That brings me joy. I get joy from reading about a friend’s good fortune. I receive joy from painting, I really must get back into it. From seeing words put together to make beautiful sentences that when strung together makes wonderful reading. From hearing the wind blow through the trees, seeing rainbows after a rainfall. Hearing that rain come down. Hearing someone say “I love you” and know they mean it, no matter how mean-spirited I may get some days. Feeling a hug, goodness knows I haven’t felt one of those for a long time. Smelling the pungent aroma of a freshly sliced green apple. Hearing a child laugh with abandonment. Knowing in the morning when I open my eyes, that I will live another day to find some simple joys in my world.

Would you prefer a reading nook or an art, craft, photography studio?

I would prefer an art studio with lots of natural light. And in one corner, tucked away there will be a cozy reading nook where  I can snuggle down and enjoy my favorite books when I’m not making art or writing.

What is at least one of your favorite quotes?

My Own Quote, it has gotten me through some rough times.
My Own Quote, it has gotten me through some rough times.









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19 thoughts on “Are You Ready for More Me?? ~~ Share Your World, Week 45, 2014

  1. I love your joy list 🙂

    (I think I signed up for the card thing but I am in for the “large” exchange)


  2. I had to go back and check that last question. I need new glasses. I thought it said name the least liked quote. SMH. Loved your answers to your simplist joy. I love thosebsame things. I told you some time ago we are very compatible. I once liked red then I moved on to purple. More periwinkle. I enjoy electric blue.


  3. You really need to go back to painting, girl! The way you write about it makes it clear how much joy it used to give you. I hope tomorrow will give you many simple joys, my friend!


  4. This is a great post Jackie.
    I like the list you included, rain on the roof works for me.
    Being told I am loved gives me that wonderful glowing feeling.
    As for sayings: ‘ I complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.’


  5. I think I’ll keep this list. Very similar to what my own would be and now I don’t have to write it down. I do get lots of hugs. My son is a hugger of his mom. I get kisses from my daughter. I had to go back and read again. Missed the first question entirely and kept wondering where the comments about colors were coming from. Insert head slap here. I liked your quotes too. I love how you managed to get both the art room and reading nook. You are a sly one. 🙂 I’m with you, I want it all, I want it now, and I want it gift wrapped. Virtual hugs aren’t the same but sending one anyway.


    1. I’m glad you get lots of hugs Marlene! We all could use as many as we can get. 🙂
      Well, if I’m going to dream about an art room, might as well dream big.
      Thanks for the virtual hugs my friend, I’ll take them and send some back to you.


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