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Truth or Fiction ~~ Done My Way

Hello people! I hope today is going all right for everyone.

Today I’m doing a version of the kind of posts that were going around this past summer. That’s where the blogger posts a bunch of things about themselves and they are true, except one lie that was snuck in there. I know, I’m late in these kind of things, but I always had other things to write about. Now I’m going to do my version of Truth or Fiction.

I will make statements about myself and YOU, as my guests can tell me if these statements are Truth or Fiction. Or T and F for short. In a few days I will do another post and let you know which were T and which statements were F.

So join my silly little game and let’s have some fun!


Truth or Fiction?

1. At one time, I raised dogs and I owned 14 dogs all at the same time. Five of these dogs lived in the house with me.



2. I met a serial killer face to face and lived toΒ see another day.

3. I’ve been married 4 times.

4. I have a ghost that lives with me and has for many years.


5. I’m allergic to feathers.

6. I‘m a very tall woman. Six feet in my stocking feet.

7. I don’t own a skirt or dress and haven’t for years. I also don’t own any shoes with heels.

8. I love wearing socks.


9. I am deaf in one ear.

10. I’m color blind.

11. I got my first driving license when I was 21 and living in Mississippi.

12. I’m an only child.

13. Now for famous number 13, I’m going to ask you to guess my age! Go ahead, you won’t hurt my feelings, I promise! Take a shot. I’ll let you know if what you guessed, is Truth or Fiction.

14. I used to work with an ex fashion model.

15. I once owned a one-legged parakeet who was an alcoholic.

Truth or Fiction?
Truth or Fiction?

There you have it folks. Fifteen things about me that might be true, or they might not be! Take a guess in the comment section! Have fun! Maybe you can even add to the list! What would you say about ME?



19 thoughts on “Truth or Fiction ~~ Done My Way

  1. I think:
    1=t, 2=t, 3=f, 4=t,5=t, 6=f( I think you 6ft5 in stilettos), 7=t, 8=f, 9=f, 10=f, 11=t, 12=f (you the third child of seven), 13= 41( I say that as you are always so young sounding chirpy and bird like youthful in your posts), 14=t, 15=f (he was in fact a kleptomaniac as he kept stealing your paint brushes.)
    I think I was pretty spot on don’t you?


  2. Ha ha what fun. I’m going to guess the following were false: 1, 3, 6, 10, 11, 12, and 15 although I could see you with the drunken one legged parrot 😊. As for your age, not going there although I know you are much younger than I am


  3. Um, I think you told me your age, so I will skip that. I will answer the rest in the morning πŸ˜€


  4. Well this is an example of how much we pay attention to what we read and remember. I realize I don’t know you very well at all from this. So here goes, 1. could be true. You are a dog lover. 2. ? That could go either way with your life. I wouldn’t doubt it. 3. 4 times is a lot but then, hey, some could have been quite short lived. I know of two. 4. true on the ghost. 5. I’ll say false, you are good with dogs and cats and had a one legged, alcoholic parrot. πŸ˜‰ 6. False. I see you as petite. 7. True. I see you as the casual type. 8. Socks sound good for the casual type so I say true. 9. Probably true. Maybe from an injury. 10. False. How can a painter be colorblind? 11. ? Maybe true. You’ve lived in a lot of places and Mississippi sounds familiar. Oh yeah, I’ve lived there. 12. False. You have several siblings and a sister you love. 13. Age, Probably younger than me. Maybe late 50’s early 60’s? Disabled husband and no job to go to says your no kid anymore. I’m guessing here. 14. Could be true. You’ve had a very colorful life. Can’t be colorblind. 15. Like I said, you couldn’t be allergic to feathers if you did. Doubt it but it would make one heck of a story. I don’t expect to win this contest but it sure was fun. Thanks.


    1. I love your answers Marlene. You actually got quite a few right, but about Friday I will do another post and give the answers so you can see which ones. πŸ™‚


  5. I hope you don’t start sneezing when you visit my blog! LOL
    I have no idea what it true or false…a one legged alcoholic parakeet has to be true, it’s just too cool.


  6. This was fun! I think 3, 6, 10 and 12 for are False…as to your age, I know the truth: you’re quite a bit younger than me πŸ™‚


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