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Truth or Fiction ~~~ The Answers

Earlier this week I did a post called Truth or Fiction ~~ Done My Way. I wrote 15 things about myself that could be Truth or Fiction. You, my dear readers, were to answer them with T or F and now today we will see how many you got right!

So let’s go see how many things were true about my life and how many things I just outright lied about.



1. At one time, I raised dogs and I owned 14 dogs all at the same time. Five of these dogs lived in the house with me.

TRUE……. Yes, I used to raise German Shepherds in Texas. At one time I had a female that gave birth to puppies. I had 2 full-grown Shepherds living with me, plus a Springer Spaniel, poodle/spaniel mix, and a Pekingese in the house with me. They were my babies.

2. I met a serial killer face to face and lived to see another day. 

TRUE…...When I lived in Texas I came face to face with a serial killer at his father’s business. His name was Ricky Lee Green. The man wouldn’t stop staring at me the whole time I was there. It gave me the major creeps and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

3. I’ve been married 4 times.

FALSE…...I’ve only been married twice. Two times too many. LOL

4. I have a ghost that lives with me and has for many years.

TRUE…...His name is Abe. I’ve written about him on here a few times.

5. I’m allergic to feathers.

TRUE…… Strangely enough, I am allergic to feathers. I can’t have a down comforter, or wear a winter coat with down feathers in them. It literally stops my breathing. I can’t have pillows stuffed with feathers either. Can you even buy them anymore?

6. I‘m a very tall woman. Six feet in my stocking feet.

FALSE…...I’m actually pretty short. Five feet even.

7. I don’t own a skirt or dress and haven’t for years. I also don’t own any shoes with heels.

TRUE……I have always hated wearing skirts or dresses. I’m a tomboy through and through. So no, I don’t own any skirts or dresses. Haven’t since I quit working outside the home years ago. I also don’t own any shoes with heels. I used to when I was younger, but not any longer as I like being comfy.

8. I love wearing socks.

FALSE…….I hate socks. I should rephrase that, I hate wearing socks. I don’t hate socks themselves, I mean socks never did anything to me. I live in cold Canada, I come from cold Wisconsin and I hate wearing socks. Go figure that one out folks. I actually wore a pair last week, a good friend sent me 3 pairs of bright, neon socks. I wore a pair to the doctor’s office the other day. They made me smile. But…..I took them off again as soon as I got home. LOL

Just cus I thought it was cute! I mean, puppy!
Just cus I thought it was cute! I mean, puppy!

9. I am deaf in one ear.

TRUE…….I am deaf in the right ear. At the age of 16 I was almost deaf in both ears. At the age of 20, I had an operation on one ear and it fixed my hearing. I never got the other ear done as I kept moving so often that I never had insurance to cover the cost of it. People don’t know I am deaf in one ear unless I tell them. I am excellent in reading lips and my good ear more than makes up for the other. Unless you are behind me on my right and try talking to me, then I won’t hear you, usually.

10. I’m color blind.

FALSE…...just an outright lie. LOL

11. I got my first driving license when I was 21 and living in Mississippi.

TRUE…….I took driver’s Ed in high school, just like my sister did. My sister was able to get her license AND a car. I couldn’t get my license because my mom didn’t think I needed it. So, that was the end of that. When I moved away from home to Mississippi when I was 21, I paid for lessons and passed my drivers test and got my first license. I never used it though, as the guy I was living with was a dick and refused to let me drive his car. Needless to say that relationship only lasted 6 months. He was a dick in many other ways.

12. I’m an only child.

FALSE…..I’ve written about my siblings before. Some I like, others not so much. But, I am the second youngest of four.

13. Now for famous number 13, I’m going to ask you to guess my age! Go ahead, you won’t hurt my feelings, I promise! Take a shot. I’ll let you know if what you guessed, is Truth or Fiction.

I had fun with this one! Most didn’t even want to hazard a guess, others, well just lets say their guesses made me smile. I’ll take that I am younger than all of you! Hehehe. Which I’m not of course, unless you count how I feel mentally. That totally counts, right?

14. I used to work with an ex fashion model. 

TRUE……I did indeed work at one time with an ex fashion model. She was tall, blonde and gorgeous. When I lived in Texas I worked with Angie in an Antique Mall. When she was a teenager, she did some modeling. She could have done it when she got older too, but she got bored with it. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. We became best friends and when we would go somewhere she literally made heads turn. I used to laugh, because there she was almost 6 foot tall, beautiful and blonde hair piled high on her head, and me, short and well, plain. But she always made me feel good about myself.

15. I once owned a one-legged parakeet who was an alcoholic.

TRUE!…….well it was the family pet when I was younger. He got so old that he lost a leg, never stopped him though. He lived in a cage in the kitchen. He caught a cold one time and my mother gave him a few drops of whisky in his water. The bird loved that stuff! He drank it, then he would twirl from his perch on his one leg and sing up a storm. We had to give him a few drops of whisky in his water dish every day after that. He also used to spit his seeds at us when we ate chicken for supper. LOL Only with chicken would he do that. He lived to be like 15 years old. I think he was just pickled. LOL


So there you are, people! How many did you get right? That was fun! I might have to do it again one day.

21 thoughts on “Truth or Fiction ~~~ The Answers

  1. I forgot to come back with my answers, but I think I only missed a few.

    How can you not like socks? They’re warm and you live in snowville!


    1. I know, I know! I don’t understand my dislike of wearing socks, it began at an early age! I don’t like to have anything on my head either. I’m just weird girl, that’s the answer. 😉


  2. I’m with you on the sock issue. Right now I’m trying to figure out it it would be work smelling like a sweaty sheep and not have to screw around with having my socks constantly bunch up inside my Ugg-esque boots. I generally wear sandals as late into the cold season as I can, sometimes even stretching that time by wearing hand knit wool socks with my Birks.


  3. Am I the only one to try and guess your age? I want to know how far off I was.. A drunken parrot is surprised me a little. Socks well, I wasn’t sure, I kind of wondered if the ex would let you drive so I thought that might be true. It’s not unheard of. It was fun to do this. It shows how much attention one pays to what one reads.


  4. Hehehe – 14 out of 15! I don’t know why I thought you loved socks…maybe because I do. I walk in socks in the house, which apparently is no good in your book 😀


    1. I knew you walked around in socks! I could just picture that. 😉 Hey I don’t mind if other people wear socks, it does seem to be quite popular, all though I wonder why. LOL


  5. Hmm, I didn’t do too badly for having never met you in person. 😉 Missed a few but this was a fun way to learn more about you, what an interesting life you have lived.


  6. Saw this shoved in my “save to read later” file… Apparently later became “much later”…. Mind if I ask how/why deaf in right ear?? Incidentally that is the same ear in which I am hard of hearing and (like yiu) I compensate by using my left ear more/tilting head to the left.


    1. When I was 20 I was actually deaf in both ears. I had one operation which fixed the left ear. I have never had the insurance to fix the right ear as yet. The 2 inner bones in my both ears fused together when I was a teenager, till I became deaf. An operation can replace the middle bone with wire so they move again, so then the hearing comes back.
      As long as I know someone is talking to me, I can hear fine. If someone comes up behind me and talks sometimes I don’t hear them.


      1. In my case I’m actually missing some ear bones (attempt was made, once, to try & fix that but it didn’t take).


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