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My Enjoyment List ~~ Share Your World, Week 47, 2014

This week, in honor of Thanksgiving in the USA, Cee, over at Cee’s Photography has asked us to make a list of what we enjoy. Here is my list.

Hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving this week has a wonderful, stress free, enjoyable week!


My List of Enjoyment

1. My dog Sam
2. coffee
3. waking up in the mornings
4. blogging friends who turn into great best friends
5. sunshine
6. thunderstorms
7. rainbows
8. rain
9. music
10. my computer
11. being able to write stories
12. my friend Bill, who comes over and does things around the house that I can’t do, like mowing my lawn all summer
13. WordPress, because I have gotten to know some awesome people on here (see #4)
14. wolves, they are SO misunderstood
15. Tammy, Sam’s groomer, she comes to the house to groom Sam and saves us from a whole lot of stress
16. calendars with lots of room to write on, between all the drs appointments with me and hubby I appreciate it!
17. Books, they have been my best friends all my life.
18. Mother nature, she is awe-inspiring, even at her worst
19. smiles
20. hugs
21. art supplies
22. Extra Strength Tylenol
23. Coke Zero
24. laughter
25. a forest, no matter where, there is peace in them
26. oceans
27. tears, because it tells me I can still feel
28. soft toilet paper, believe me, as you age you will appreciate this more!
29. My sense of humor, goodness knows it has saved my butt many times
30. a good pair of glasses, just got my new ones, purple frames!
31. Watching people, they are an endless source of amusement
32. lasagna
33. sugar free candy
34. kind people
35. notebooks
36. art
37. a good joke
38. my mom
39. memories, good or bad,
40. great writers
41. good Chinese food
42. black jelly beans
43. my hearing, after losing it once, I never take it for granted
44. honesty
45. online games
46. heat, because dammit it’s cold!
47. Sharp knives, if you cook you know what I mean
48. herbs and spices
49. slippers
50. electric blankets
51. imagination
52. knowing someone loves you



15 thoughts on “My Enjoyment List ~~ Share Your World, Week 47, 2014

  1. So, I was working on my list and determined not to put the obvious things on mine that everyone already knows about me…

    I’m stuck on number 9 LOL

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    1. It’s your list kiddo, put what you honestly enjoy and are grateful for. I did. 🙂 besides some readers are new, they don’t know as much as we do. LOL


  2. I wish I had seen this sooner. I LOVE this list. I so get so much of it. I just hid the rest of my good porcelain knives from my sister. She broke one tip, destroyed another and made it vanish, and I caught the third in the sink. She’ll never find them now. Good toilet paper? I’m hoarding it. Charmin ultra soft is THE softest going. My last husbands young grandson told us about it. Can you imagine a kid being fussy about TP? I like most of what’s on your list. I don’t use an electric blanket because they make me nervous but I have the most wonderful down comforter that I use year round. Oddly they keep me perfect cold or hot. I write a list like this every morning and at night I write what I’m most grateful for that day. It sure makes you take a hard look. Some day’s it’s having hands to create with and eyes that still can see something. We tend to overlook the obvious. You didn’t forget your friends either. What would we do without them? Thanks for sharing and reminding. Hugs


    1. Yes, sharp knives are the best and need to be taken care of.

      Soft toilet paper is a must in this house! Lol

      I would love a down comforter, but am allergic to the feathers. Ugh, But I like my electric blanket, they are made so safe now, you don’t have to worry about them and it is so nice to crawl into warm sheets when it’s -20 outside.

      And friends? Well, it’s a necessity of life I think.
      Big hugs my friend!


      1. I’m glad they have made them safer. Anything to keep warm. I forgot you were allergic to feathers for a moment. It was at the back of my mind. I feel sorry for anyone allergic to feathers. I am so glad it’s not that cold here. I’m going to read your list again. it was a good one.

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  3. I love this series you are participating in because I get to know so much more about you! On the toilet paper i have to say that is one area I have failed to make eco-warriors of my grandchildren. My granddaughter knows why i buy the brand i do but has informed me daddy’s is better because it’s soft. :-0


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