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The Lowly Safety Pin and Its Many Uses

Hello People!

I do hope your weekend is going great!

It’s almost the end of November and Nano Poblano/NaBloPoMo. So yeah, I’m almost out of writing ideas. I say almost, as I still have a few tricks up my sleeves. I have actually enjoyed doing a post a day this month. Made me use my gray matter a bit more than usual. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

Like today’s post. All about the lowly safety pin. We take it for granted! It can be used for lots of things, besides just holding a bra strap together.

Did you know?

The safety pin was invented by American mechanic Walter Hunt in 1849. It was first called a “dress pin”, made to help prevent hurt fingers and bent pins from using straight pins. Over the years, people have found other uses for the safety pin.

  • It can even be used to prevent pickpockets! Just simply pin your zippers in your purse with a safety pin to the fabric of the liner of your purse, they can’t unzip your purse easily this way, it can be done with your backpacks too!
  • Ladies do you suffer from static cling with your dresses or skirts? Just pin a small safety pin to the inside lining or slip. The metal in the pin conducts the electricity and diverts the static.
  • I’m sure we all know that if you have a broken zipper you can use a safety pin for replacement zipper tab.
  • How about using it as a fish hook? Yup, you sure can!
  • They also can be used as clothes pins for hanging up clothes on a clothes line.
  • Now I’ve used them in emergency sewing, you can hem your pants with them. I’ve done it once or twice.
  • How about for ‘plumbers crack’? You know what I’m talking about. Those low riding jeans or shorts that when you bend over shows the crack of your butt. Just use a safety pin to pin your shirt to your pants!
  • In the 80’s safety pins were used as a fashion statement by punk rock groups. They even used them as body piercings! Ouch!
  • You can use them as a push pin on a cork board. I’ve done that.
  • They make a great device for keeping papers together if you run out of paper clips and can’t find the pesky stapler.
  • Can’t find enough hooks to put those Christmas decorations up with? Use a safety pin!
  • Crafters use them in jewelry making.

How about in fashion?


Anyone else with any ideas for the use of safety pins? Let me know in the comments! 


17 thoughts on “The Lowly Safety Pin and Its Many Uses

  1. They make a specially slightly bent safety pin to pin the the layers of quilt together for quilting. I’ve used the safety pin to keep the strategic gap in my button down shirts from opening up without my knowledge. Now I always wear a camisole under button downs just in case. So embarrassing. With a bit more time I might come up with more. Oh yeah, I use them to feed ribbon or string through a facing on something I’m making. They sell fancy things but safety pins work just fine. I couldn’t do a post a day. Good for you. No wonder I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my reading. :).


    1. Since I don’t wear track pants, I’ll take your word for it. lol
      And yes, it is handy when you have to rethread the elastic in pants. Thanks Michael!


  2. I seem to remember a lot of jeans jackets and shoelaces decorated with beaded safety pins 🙂 What were we thinking? LOL


  3. I love that you’ve done a post a day! Always looked forward reading them late on my Kindle. I hope you’ll continue…the grey cells need exercise too! This one is very creative. I’ve used them to replace the elastic and/or the cord in gym gear. And to secure a button on my blouse from opening…But I’ve also used them to put together two thin flower stems when one needs to support the other, like two friends 🙂


    1. Yeah, I remember when I used to knit, I would use them all the time. Great one! My fingers don’t work like they use too, so no more knitting.


      1. It takes me a hell of a lot longer to get projects done than it used to. And the other night I wanted to start a new pair of mitts and sat there for 10 minutes trying to remember how to from the cast on row to having my stitches joined to work in the round, and I wrote the pattern! This getting old stuff is for the birds.


  4. I use safety pins for a lot of things, they come in very handy. A large safety pin makes a good key holder. I have put extra keys on one and then pinned it to the lining of my purse. This was a very interesting post. Hugs


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