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O’ Christmas Tree!

Hello people! Hope this week is finding you are getting into the Christmas spirit. If not, why not?

I wasn’t sure if I would get the spirit of Christmas this year. The last few years have been pretty rough and I didn’t feel like decorating, celebrating, or much of anything else. I put on a ‘good face’ about things, but I really wasn’t into it. I didn’t put up a tree or anything.

This year was going to be more of the same. Then something happened. I began feeling all Christmasy. My Grinch heart began to grow. I have no idea why. Things here aren’t all that rosy. We are still fighting the government to get some help for the husband. Finances are non-existent. Health for me could be better. Yet, I am beginning to get that Christmas cheerful, card sending, decorating, smiling and humming feeling.

Maybe I’m finally losing my mind!

We won’t have presents this year, again. But that’s ok, as Christmas is not about the presents and food. Christmas to me is all about being extra nice, smiling at strangers and wishing them a Merry Christmas. Helping others, because even though we are having problems, many others are worse off.  I at least have a roof over my head, food in the cupboards, animals to cuddle up with and heat when it’s cold.

So when I was out and about running errands the other day, I saw this Christmas tree. It was even on sale!

It’s just a cheap tinsel tree, but it’s the Christmas spirit that counts, right? I snatched it up, because it looked like it should go home with me. It really reminds me of the Charlie Browns tree, just with more tinsel.

But I bought it with a smile on my face and plans in my head. Today, I dug in my closet and found the Christmas ornaments I knew I had. I dug in another cupboard for the punch bowl I had, though I never drink punch or have used it for that purpose.

My plan called for both.

I cleaned off my kitchen table, washed it down till it shone. Then put my Christmas tree plans together.

This is the result! What do you think?

O' Christmas tree!
O’ Christmas tree!
My Charlie Brown tree
My Charlie Brown tree