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A Special Card in the Mail from Evil Squirrel!

Look what I got in today’s mail!  I had put my name in the hat for one of ES’s famous drawings. Yes, it’s an original hand drawn and colored picture of Skanki! And she seems to be pole dancing!! LOL

I love it. Thanks ES! You don’t know how much this suits me, as I’ve always wanted to learn how to pole dance.

I love the little rabbit’s shocked face too! Perfect!

An ES original! And all mine!
An ES original! And all mine!




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14 thoughts on “A Special Card in the Mail from Evil Squirrel!

  1. Ha! I love that Skanki inspired a secret desire! North Pole dancing can be quite the fun and artistic exercise… though if you try it, unlike Skanki, I’d advise you keep the tongue inside and away from the pole!

    The shocked bunny is a bit of a shoutout to my very early artwork I did for my other group of internet friends where I’d always include a little critter reacting to the scene in the background. Oftentimes, that critter was a grey squirrel… and he only eventually morphed into Evil Squirrel!

    Glad to see the Skankster arrived safely, and I’m happy you like her!


    1. I will certainly keep my tongue inside while I pole dance up here in the Great White North. LOL

      I laughed when I saw that little rabbit, I’m sure Santa would have that same expression on his face if he saw what Skanki was doing to his pole. *snicker*


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