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Flash Back Friday

This was a short story I did almost 2 years ago. I’ve done a bit of editing on it and I’m still thinking of adding another chapter. Hope you enjoy!

The Man in the Fedora

I was sitting at my desk, wondering if I should just give it up for the day and find a good stiff drink. When he came strolling in. His name, Robert Holden.  He looked like he stepped out of an old 1940’s movie set.  You know the type, tall, good-looking, strong chin and steely eyes. He was dressed in a suit that cost more than  I make in a year. With a gray overcoat and a black fedora hat. I do love a man who looks good in a fedora. He did, very good, in fact.

My name’s DeeDee Watson, Private Eye. Yeah, a private detective. My parents don’t like it and my older brother gives me hell about it every time we see each other. But, I love what I do. I would say it pays the bills, but at this point in time it doesn’t. Business has been slow. I refuse to do divorce cases. You want pictures of your spouse cheatin’ on you, you take them. I’m not going to do that kind of work. Yeah, I know it’s the bread and butter of the private eye’s. Guess I’ll take my bread sans butter. I was  sitting looking at the stack of bills and my empty bank account, when in walks the Fedora.

I see him sizing me up. That’s okay, I’m sizing him up too. What I see is a rich man, with no emotion in his eyes. Now my curiosity is engaged. What’s a rich man like him doing in a run down office like mine? He stops just inside the door.

“I want to talk to D. Watson.” he demands.

“I don’t do divorce cases,” I state, maybe just a bit more emphatic than need be. He irritated  me with his tone.

“I’m not married,” Fedora snapped. “Who are you?”

“DeeDee Watson.”  I saw something flicker in his  eyes for just a second.

“I thought you were the receptionist.”

He stands in front of my beat up, scarred desk  and I feel compelled to stand and offer my hand.

“Does this place look like it can afford a receptionist?”

I grasp his warm hand, his handshake is firm but brief. I picture him wanting to wipe my girl cooties off his hand like a kid would and smile.

Now I’m a tall woman, 5’10 without heels. He outdid me by a good 5 inches. I motion him to  sit in my only other chair in the office. I sit back down and fold my hands on top of my desk. I wait for him to make the first move. I”m curious now to see why he was here.

He takes off his fedora. At least he remembered his manners. “The ad also stated you specialize in finding things.”

“Things” I state, “Not people.”

“I’m not looking for someone, I’m looking for something.”

I raise an eyebrow, waiting for him to specify exactly what he was looking for. Or what he wanted me to look for.

“I need your help in finding a family keepsake”.

“Do you have a picture of this family keepsake?” I ask.

He takes a photo out of his coat pocket and slides it across the desk towards me. Picking it up I take a look. I shove the picture angrily back at him. “Is this a joke?” I ask. “It’s not funny.”

“You said you don’t find people, Watson. You never said you don’t find dogs”.

He’s watching me with those steely eyes and I could swear I see a flicker of humor. I must be mistaken. I’m still half way thinking it’s some kind of joke.


“So, this dog is a family keepsake?”

“Actually, he is. My grandmother named  him Trisha. Tee for short.”

Him? Trisha is a he? I keep silent, still debating if I want to kick him out the door. For some reason, I want to hear him out. If it turns out to be some joke I can still kick his butt out the door. I have a black belt in jujitsu.  I also fight dirty. Besides, it’s been slow around here.

He pushes the picture of Tee back towards me. “My grandmother is an extremely wealthy woman. Throughout her life, she has always had a dog named Trisha. An odd little quirk of hers. Someone dog-napped Tee about 3 days ago. They are demanding 5 million in ransom  or they kill the dog. This would devastate grandmother. I can’t let that happen.”

Five million?? Grandmother must have money. I take another look at the picture. I am admittedly an animal lover. I have been known to pull my motorcycle over and kick some ass when I see someone abusing an animal. I look at those trusting eyes and wonder if I’m just nuts. Because I find myself wanting to accept the job. That and I glance at the pile of bills that refuses to get smaller. With a small sigh, I drop the picture on the desk. Glancing up at Fedora I ask him for the details of the kidnapping and the ransom demands. Looks like I’m going to be on the hunt for a small family keepsake named Tee.

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Doing A Guest Post

Hello people!

Today I am over at A Sign of Life doing a guest post. Please come over and take a gander. It’s a heartwarming story of a girl and her dog traveling.

Just like the owner of the blog I’m guest posting on! Except she’s traveling with her cat right now to new beginnings.

Please stop on by, read the story, and say hi!


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I’ve Got To Be Me ~~~ Share Your World, Week 4, 2015

Hello people! I do hope all those in the wake of Storm Juno are doing well today. Did that storm actually do anything? How’s things by all of you?

This week is another question and answer session made possible by Cee, of Cee’s Photography. Why not pay her a visit and say hi! Also, check out her awesome photos.


(awesome song by the legendary Sammy Davis, Jr. )

Where did you live at age five?  Is it the same place or town you live now?

I lived in a haunted house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was an interesting house to live in. No, I don’t live there now and haven’t for many years. I haven’t even lived in Wisconsin for many years. I’ve traveled around quite a bit since I was 5 years old.

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met.  Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?

I would like to think I would take the opportunity presented to me. But, knowing myself as I do, I probably wouldn’t go. I don’t enjoy parties or any large gatherings. The introvert in me. I feel out-of-place and awkward.

My childhood home which was haunted via google maps.
My childhood home which was haunted via google maps.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

I grew up in the biggest city in Wisconsin. No, I didn’t enjoy it and got out as soon as I was able to. I’ve also lived in Ft. Worth, Texas, another large city, and no didn’t enjoy that either. I have most enjoyed living in smaller towns. Like now, where I live in Canada is a place that is just the right size. Big enough to have the conveniences that I enjoy, but still retain that small town flavor. The people here are friendly and outgoing. I like it here, except for the winters. Can’t have everything I guess!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I had always wanted to join the Navy and have a military career. That was nixed with my hearing problems. So because of my great love for reading, I decided I wanted to become a writer of great books. I’m still working on that dream. 🙂

Other than that I was always open to possibilities. You just never know what’s around the corner.


What did you think you wanted to be when you were a kid? Did you become that?






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Silly Sunday ~~~ Fashion Edititon

Good morning people! For my Aussie friends, Happy Australia Day!

For your viewing pleasure (or not) here is my Fashion edition for Silly Sunday!


WTH?? I have NO words for this. None. LOL
WTH?? I have NO words for this. None. LOL


This is what nightmares are made of!
This is what nightmares are made of!


No......just no.
No……just no.




For the guy walking his dog up above. LOL
For the guy walking his dog up above. LOL


Yup, I've had more days like this than I like to think about.
Yup, I’ve had more days like this than I like to think about.
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Flash Back Friday

Another Friday is here good people. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Below you will find another one of my very first posts. It was a short, short story, where I dabbled in fantasy a bit. I still like the story line, let me know what you think. I have thought about expanding the story into a book. I think it has promise.

For your reading pleasure I present to you…………………………


purple eyes



Alei stood still as a rock, alone as she preferred. Facing the dais and the only person who could grant her the one thing that made all her hard work worth it. She heard the faint rustle of the crowd behind her. Her  fellow classmates in the  only school of its type. A place where its secrets outnumbered its residents. Where to survive you had to be smarter, quicker and deadlier than all the others. And she was. She had proved that.  It was a school that was well-known for producing the best assassins in all the universes.

She stood still, with only her eyes following the man above her. Her inky black hair spiky on  top of her head. Her eyes, the eyes of her people. Deep purple with a black outer rim, slightly slanted. Her skin bronze,  with the black tattoo’s that showed others, she was of the tribe  Aleiata of the planet Tambos. A once proud and majestic people, her tribe had been slaughtered by an army run by the very man who was standing on the dais in front of her. She was the only survivor, a baby back then, only five years old.

The man, a powerful assassin, named Drimel thought it would be amusing to take her and school her into what he was. He named her Alei after her people and thrust her in this school to be shaped and molded into what she was today.

Twenty years later, she stood silent, nothing moving but her purple eyes. Waiting to be told she was a full fledged killer. Waiting to told what her first assignment was.

Waiting to kill.

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I Love How You Love Me ~~~ Share Your World, Week 3, 2015

Hello People!

Back for some more of me, eh? Good for you! I love my readers.

This week Cee from Cee’s Photography gives us some more great questions to answer. If you want to know what this is all about, go over to Cee’s and join! You might also want to look around as she has some fantastic photos to share. Now on with the love fest!


Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Most people would say someone famous. A writer, a singer, a celebrity. Me, I would want some of my blogging buddies over for dinner. I want to meet them in real life, become best buds not only here in the virtual world, but in reality too. I think we would have a blast! We could start out cooking together, eating together and of course cleaning up together. We would laugh and joke and cry about some of our problems. It would all be great fun. Just to name a few, Maddie, Lois, J (Sheena, PunkRocker), Tiny, Michael, Mer, Evil Squirrel, Marlene, and anyone else who wants to come! Let’s have dinner, drinks (for those of us who imbibe), laughs, good times! (If I missed putting you down, I’m sorry, just sign up and let’s have dinner!)

When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

I sing to myself all the time. Softly though, as I don’t want anyone to hear me. To someone else? Never! My goodness, you would NOT want to hear me sing. Just to give an example about how bad I am, last time I sang out loud (I was alone) my cat Pouncer attacked me! LOL True story.


If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

I would love to have the ability to write how I want to write. I’m always working on my craft, but it never reaches the quality I want. I want to convey so much more in my writing than I’m able to now, not for riches or fame, for the ability to reach people and make them feel good, or happy, or forget their problems for just a little while. I want to be that kind of writer.

What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

Rape. I hate when people joke about it. It is no way, in any shape or form, funny. Next on my list would be animal cruelty or child abuse. How can any of this be funny? Or joked about?




Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for good friends, who have helped contribute to a fundraiser for my new mattress. You kind people simply amaze me with how generous you are, even though some of you don’t always have enough for yourselves. I’m so close to my goal. I am dreaming about that new mattress and finally a good night’s sleep. So please, if anyone can help me out, click on the sleeping lady in my sidebar and read about my fundraiser, help if you can. I love you guys!





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One of His Bad Days



I’ve just finished putting my hair in its usual hassle free ponytail when I hear a crash in the living room. It’s followed by a loud moan. I hurry out of the room to find him laying on the floor, no cane to be seen.

I bend over him and ask him if he hurt anything. No, he moans. I reach for and grab one arm, gently as I can, I lift him to his feet. It’s easily done, the lifting of him. Too easy for a man who is 5′ 11. I shouldn’t be able to lift him I think to myself, as I slowly lead him back to his bed. I’m only 5 feet tall, I should have a harder time lifting him off the floor. But I don’t.

He sits on the side of the bed and I look him over, making sure he hasn’t hurt anything. I see some bleeding on one arm and take a closer look. Just a scratch, but the blood is dripping down his arm, so I grab a tissue to put over it to staunch the blood. He bleeds so easily now. The slightest bump, scratch or nick brings blood and later a bruise. His medicine’s fault.

I ask him what happened. He tells me in his gravelly voice that he only needed to use the bathroom. He was on his way back when he tripped over the rug and fell. Where is your cane, I ask him. He forgot it in the bathroom. I go and get it and put it next to his bed where he can reach it.

It is the start of a bad day.

I’m in my office, working on the computer when I hear a crash come from the kitchen. Oh no! Not again! I rush down the hallway and turn the corner to the kitchen and find him on his back on the floor, his head against a cabinet door. He is trying to turn over on his knees, but can’t seem to do so. I put my hand out so he can grab it and once again, lift him to his feet.

He is angry. At himself. He was reaching into the fridge for a drink when he lost his balance and just fell backwards he tells me. He angrily asks why can’t he just stand up without falling?! I look into his dilated eyes, they are huge with the effects of his pain drugs and full of frightened anger. They shouldn’t be that dilated and my heart drops.

I calmly ask him what pills did he take. He doesn’t seem to understand the question. I lead him to his bed, again, and ask him what else did he take besides his pain meds. He jerks his arm out of my hand and says nothing. I look at the shelf where he keeps his things and find some empty pill bottles.

Dammit, I must have overlooked some pills in his bathroom. I pick them up and look at the labels.

I hear him moan and he tells me he just wants the pain to go away for a while. I read the labels on the now empty vials and see it’s antibiotics and other pain med. How many did he take? He doesn’t remember. I hand him a bottle of water and tell him to drink. Now, I’m worried. I ask him if he’s tired. No, he says, he’s hurting too much to go to sleep.

In my mind, I’m relieved. If he isn’t tired and doesn’t want to sleep, he isn’t too bad. Not too many pills are in his system, I hope.


I pocket the vials and make sure he’s settled once more. As I go back to my office, I throw the empty pill vials in the trash and check his bathroom for anymore missed pills. Finding none, I sit back down in my office chair. Tears are wanting to flow, but I know I can’t let them. If I start, I won’t stop. I can’t do it.

Twice more that day, I hear crashing and run to pick him up off the floor. Then the pills wear off and he’s better. I’m exhausted from worry, but thankful at the end of the day he is just scratched slightly, otherwise he seems ok.

Me, I’ve hurt my knee. To find out later that week at the doctor’s that I have pulled a ligament in my knee. The doctor doesn’t ask how I did it. I don’t offer him any information.

I just think, he had one of his bad days.


( I pulled a ligament in my knee about 8 months ago. This is how I did it. I don’t blame him. I blame the pain. I’m better now. He’s still in pain. We go on.)




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I Gotta Be Me!!! ~~~ Share Your World, Week 2, 2015

Hello People! Hope your week is going great! If not, I hope it gets better.

Now for some question and answers courtesy of Cee, over at Cee’s photography. She does this every week and it’s a great way to find new blogger friends or find out more about old blogger friends. So why not pop over there and give it a look? Join us! Thanks.


Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?

I’m a bit of both I think. I’ll give you a hug if you hug me first, but I very rarely, if ever initiate it on my own. The introvert in me, I think. I love hugs. So come on, give me a hug!


What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor?

The few times a year I have ice cream I will usually go with something with nuts in it. I love Rocky Road, or mint chocolate chip, something along those lines.

Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either?

I enjoy doing both. I have slacked on the physical exercising since I hurt my knee months ago. Now I’m just lazy and I need to get out of that. As for the mind, I do lots of puzzles, reading, quizzes, word games, that sort of thing to try to keep it sharp. Plus, I love the challenge. I do it for my mind every day. Now I got to get my body on board.

Are you more of a dog person or a cat person? Why?

Probably more of a dog person. Although I love cats too. I better, since I have two of them critters. But, Sam, my dog is my buddy. He’s a little character, with a sharp mind and he’s funny. All these people saying dogs don’t have characters, well, they haven’t met my Sam. 😉

Basically though, I’m an animal person. I love all kinds.



Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I usually don’t answer this question, as last year was a super tough one for me. This year is starting out so much better, and it’s early yet! I am grateful for friends far and wide who have helped me and have promised to help me in the future. You people are the best. If it wasn’t for you I don’t know how lonely I would be. I also want to thank all of you that have contributed to my fundraiser for a mattress and fridge. You have made this year start out awesome! I have a deep respect and love for all of you. Thank you so much. You have no idea how this will help. (If you are wondering about my fundraiser, please click the sleeping lady in my sidebar and it will take you to my fundraiser page and that explains it all. Thank you.)

I’m looking forward to more writing this year and better sleep!


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Silly Sunday ~~~ Unicorn Appreciation Day Edition!

January 11 has been declared Unicorn Appreciation Day by our very own Fishy at Fish of Gold. So in honor of that day, today’s edition of Silly Sunday is for all Unicorn lovers everywhere! Hope you enjoy!











I also want to thank everyone who has donated to my fundraiser! You guys are the best! I deeply appreciate any and all help. If you don’t know about it yet, please go click on the sleeping lady in my sidebar, it will take you to my fundraiser page and that tells you all about it! I am so touched that so many of you have helped already. My heart is full. ❤






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With A Little Help From My Friends

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mmm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mmm, gonna try with a little help from my friends


I’m sure most of us recognize these lyrics from the Beatles hit “With a little help from my friends.”

This is a hard post to write, but I can’t see any other choice right now. I’m asking for help, from my readers, friends and even strangers. I’m not good at this, so bear with me please.

I wrote a post a little while back about goals for this year. My number one goal was to get a new mattress, as the one I have is broken down. I call it ‘the mattress from hell’. I said it in a light-hearted manner. But it’s anything but lighthearted. This mattress is terrible. I hurt worse when I get up in the mornings than when I go to bed at night. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in almost 2 years.

On one side it has a big dip, where the springs were broken in moving. The other side is higher. It’s not half and half either. The high side is about 1/3 of the bed, the broken side is the biggest part. If I lay on one side, I’m laying in a hole. I’ve put a folded up blanket on the mattress to try to fill in the dip. Doesn’t really work.  There really is no laying on the high side, as it’s too narrow, so if I try I roll down into the dip. Like I said, the bed from hell.

I jokingly said I was going to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new mattress. At the time, even I thought I was kidding. As the days (and nights of torture) passed, I began to really give this idea some serious thought. I had a few blogging buddies tell me, ‘go ahead! Do it!’. So, I am.

I see no other way to come up with the funds to purchase a new mattress. I wish I did.

Most of you know that my husband is disabled and that we live on a very limited budget. There is just no room for a new mattress. There isn’t even room in the budget to save for one!

The reason I have decided to start a fundraiser is simple. I need my sleep. I need to stay healthy so I can take care of my husband and the household. There is no one else around that can do it. Just me. I’m starting to develop health problems related to bad sleep on a bad mattress. I can’t afford to be sick. We have applied to various agencies for help. We have gotten very limited help so far. We are still trying. I won’t give up.

In the meantime, I have been thinking about how I could afford a new mattress. This is what came to mind. I set up the fundraiser page late yesterday afternoon. There is a button on my sidebar that you can click that will take you to the fundraiser page. There I explain why I started it and how much I would like to raise. All monies will go through PayPal, which is super easy to send money from. It’s accepted worldwide and has an excellent reputation.


It’s a modest sum, actually. I’m trying for a thousand dollars. I’ve got it marked for March 31, as the end date. So, in less than 3 months I am hoping I can raise enough for a new mattress. Anything I might possibly get over the thousand will be earmarked for a new refrigerator, as ours is dying fast.

At first it might seem a bit frivolous, but believe me, lack of sleep is anything but frivolous. Anyone, who has insomnia knows this. Anyone, who has sleep issues knows this. I certainly do!

This is where you, my readers and my friends come in. I’m asking for donations. Every little bit helps. I’m also asking for reblogs, or any other form of passing this on.

It’s not easy asking for help. I’ve always taken care of myself. Now, I have a disabled husband to think of also. Plus a dog and two cats. My fur babies. My responsibilities.

So, please dear friends, if you can help, do so. If not, I understand completely. If you can’t help money wise, maybe a reblog, send it out further into the wide world of internet. I deeply appreciate any and all help!

So click the sleeping woman button over there ———————->

I can get by with a little help from my friends.

A good friend emailed me a few days ago and suggested I start a fundraising page. They also said if I reach my goal, it might be fun to take a video of the shopping experience and purchase of the new mattress. What do you think? I think it would be fun too! I can bring you along for the shopping experience! After all, if it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be shopping for one in the first place!