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A New Year, A New Me! ~~ Share Your World, 2015 Week 1

Hello people!

Ok, it’s not a new me, it is however a new year! So, the title wasn’t a complete fabrication. Cee, over at Cee’s Photography has once again asked us 4 questions. We answer them and get to know our fellow bloggers a bit more. Nice, eh? Well, go over there and see what it’s all about!




How do you get rid of pesky phone calls from telemarketers?

I just say, “not interested” and hang up. I used to have fun with some, I even wrote about one incidence where I pretended to be a little kid. I had major fun with that one! That was a few years ago. When I was younger, yet still a full-grown adult, people who didn’t know me, like telemarketers would mistake me for a young child on the phone. I have that kind of voice. So one day I decided to just go with it and that story came about.  If you would like to read it (it’s funny!) go here. 

What are you a “natural” at doing?

Besides getting into trouble? ha!

That’s a hard question when I sit and think about it. Cooking is what comes to mind first. I’ve been cooking on my own since about that age of 10 or so. I don’t often make things that are not edible. I rarely taste as I cook either. So seasoning comes ‘natural’ to me.

Maybe painting. I taught myself to paint years ago after my ex Mother in law gave me a set of oil paints and brushes as a Christmas gift. I always admired people who could paint pictures. I’ve never had formal lessons or training, but think I do pretty good. I gave up the oils and exclusively use acrylics now. I really need to get back into painting again.

(c) JLPhillips 2014
My painting of a wolf


How often do you get a haircut?

Rarely. The last time I went to a salon and got it cut has to be more than 8 years ago. I was visiting my mom and she talked me into it. I only had a few inches taken off, because I don’t like short hair on me.  I trim it myself now and then, but it’s usually in a ponytail. The only time I let it out of its ponytail is when I go to bed, it’s almost to the middle of my back right now.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”?

Writing, music, reading and playing on the computer. Yeah, I’m a wild child. LOL

24 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Me! ~~ Share Your World, 2015 Week 1

  1. I’m gonna have to do this again this year, aren’t I? 😀

    I am in huge jealousy mode over y’all who can go without haircuts for a long time!

    Awesome painting! Yes, you should give that a go again! 🙂


    1. Yes, you are! 🙂

      And I’m jealous of those of you that have to get it cut every month because it is so thick and lush. 🙂

      If there were more hours in the day kiddo I would. I really miss painting, so I may do it this year.


  2. We have a system in Australia where we can register with a the government to not receive calls from telemarketers. But it doesn’t apply to anyone you once bought a raffle ticket off. Your art work is impressive Jackie.


  3. Wolf painting – it’s gorgeous.
    I used to give telemarketers (the ones that managed to get through the no call list screen) a really hard time and ask all sorts of stupid questions just to see how long I could keep them on the line ( and they are timed in many places). It was fun when they hung up out of desperation. But not that bored these days – I just ignore the phone a lot – always if the number isn’t known.


    1. Thank you Philosopher. Or is it mouse? I always wanted to ask. 🙂
      I’ve done that too, asked a million questions. I think I’ve tried everything. Now I have no time nor patience so I just hang up. Rude, I know. 🙂

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  4. We have a lot in common! I am also a natural at seasoning and my hair is always in a bun or ponytail. 🙂


  5. I envy you your painting talent,, that wolf picture is gorgeous!

    I once worked as a telemarketer, don’t shoot me, I had two children who needed to eat. I only did it long enough to find better employment. I had one guy who strung me along. At the end he asked me if I enjoyed our conversation and it was better than being yelled at or hung up on but his call was right as my shift was ending and all I wanted was to pick up my boys and go home. He then said it was payback for interrupting his dinner. The worst part of the call was that my bosses saw how long I was on the call and started listening in and telling me how to close the deal. I knew all along he wasn’t going to accept, you learned to get a feel for how the calls were going.

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    1. We had telemarketers at the newspaper I worked at in Texas. It was a new thing they started just before I left. I felt sorry for them. You have to be a special breed of person to do that. Tough skin. If you got kids to feed, you will do what you have to. So no, I won’t shoot you. LOL


  6. That’s a great looking wolf!!! I could probably become halfway decent at painting if I ever had the patience to stick to it, but since I’m always on the computer anyway, learning how to create digital art is much easier! 🙂


    1. That’s kind of funny, because I have tried digital art and I get impatient with it! 🙂 So I stick with my acrylics.
      I think if you have it in you, you have it in you. Which you do. We just like the mediums we like. Hope that made sense! LOL


  7. You really need to get back into painting, Jackie! The wolf is awesome! You are really good and it would give you so much joy!


    1. You know, that wolf is the only painting I kept for myself. I gave or sold any others I ever did. But, I love wolves and this one was just for me! I should get back into it, as you say, it would give me so much joy. We will see what this year brings. If things ever settle down here, maybe I can concentrate to do it. Thank you my friend. ❤


  8. From one wild child to another–we really know how to live large, don’t we? Your painting is very nice!


  9. Are you done with this sharing thing. Don’t be done yet. I’ve been enjoying it so. I like your painting but love your writing. Maybe you’ll end up illustrating your own book covers. I will never be a natural cook. Lucky family you had that you were good at it and liked it. I keep the house phone for telemarketers and don’t answer it ever.


    1. I’ll still share every week. Till you get sick of me! LOL

      Not very good at drawing free hand I’m afraid. I’m great at looking at something and drawing it. Then painting it, like a photo. But not out of my brain, my fingers don’t do as they are told.


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