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Sam and Me Comic ~~~ Playing Games

Hello people!

Today’s edition of ‘Sam and Me’ is for Evil Squirrels Second Annual Contest of Whatever!

ES says that the theme this year is games.

. The theme this year is games.  I want some form of a game to be involved in your creation.  Anything that involves competition between two or more participants is allowed… board games, sports, multiplayer video games, children’s activities… etc.

It also must have at least 2 different species of animals. So I thought who better than my world-famous Sam! Of course, I had to add that devilish duo The Cats, Notwen and Pouncer. They are always trying to outmaneuver each other. Silly things.

Hope this counts as a game ES!

(I also hope I win!!) 😉

(c) JLPhillips 2015
(c) JLPhillips 2015

29 thoughts on “Sam and Me Comic ~~~ Playing Games

  1. Wonderful game you came up with. The directions would have left me scratching my head. The mouse was a good addition. They are crafty enough to outsmart anything or anybody.


  2. Ha! Luckily for you, my cats only preside over the random drawing and not the actual judging, or they might hold a grudge for this one! I, however, love it… and that’s a very smart dog and mouse! Thanks for creating an entry!!!


  3. This is hilarious, Jackie! I hope it counts as a game. It actually has two games, one between the dog and the cats and another between the mouse and the three of them! They just don’t know that they are playing. Hehehe. Very creative!!


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