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Thanks To All Of You, I Have A New Mattress!

First, I want to thank everyone who donated to my fundraiser for a new mattress! You guys are the best and I ❤ each one of you.

Now for the really exciting news! I have purchased a new mattress and it came yesterday! Yay!!

I have before and after pictures to show you! With a bit of Jackie weirdness thrown in. What can I say? You love me anyway, right?

So first, let’s say bye-bye to the old, devilish mattress, shall we?

Bye-Bye, you old devil!
Bye-Bye, you old devil!


No! That’s not real blood, although most nights it felt like it should have been. Don’t let the good looks fool you people. It was a devil bed! Evil I tell you! If you look close at the headboard you will see how the mattress is not straight across, it starts high, dips, then goes high again. It felt a lot worse than it looks. The only reason it looks good is because it’s been protected by a mattress protector. Believe me, it was not a nice mattress.

Now, on to the new!

First I went looking for a mattress when I couldn’t stand it one more night. All the generous friends that donated made this trip possible. The Brick, a furniture store in town had a big mattress sale going on. Half off! So I jumped at the chance. Took the money you all gave me out of the goodness of your hearts and bought a new mattress!

Off to the store I went!
Off to the store I went!


They wouldn’t let me take pictures inside the store, but I did manage to get a shot of the outside. It was a nice sunny day too, a harbinger of better things? Perhaps!

I knew what I wanted, the type of mattress, so I was on a mission!

I talked to the nice salesman, Daryl. He was very helpful and not at all pushy. I told him what I wanted and he showed me a few mattress’s. The first one was nice, real nice, but out of my price range. Why are mattress’s so expensive?

Anyway, he showed me another one, but it was not comfortable to me at all. I told him how much I had to spend and he showed me another one. Yes! I found the mattress for me. So I bought it. Now, I had to wait 4 more days till they could get it in the store and for me to pick up. Dammit!

Wait I did. My husbands son offered to pick it up for me on Tuesday with his truck. He didn’t think it would fit in my minivan. Hey, I’ll take help when I can get it! So off we went on Tuesday morning to pick up my new angelic mattress! Yay!!!

Sam approves of the new mattress! See his smile?
Sam approves of the new mattress! See his smile?


I couldn’t seem to be able to shoot a pic of the new mattress without Sam being in it. So here it is! No dips, no broken springs, no more evil!

I slept on it last night for the first time. It will take some adjustment on my part, as I’m not used to this! It’s soft and level and now I can even sleep on my right side! With the old mattress I couldn’t because it was just too uncomfortable with the right side being higher. It just killed my old joints.

This morning, my knee felt better, I felt better. So thank you again kind, generous friends. This means the world to me. If there is anything I can do to help you or someone else I will! No hesitation! Pay it forward!