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Silly Sunday ~~ Baby Edition

Hello People! I do hope you all have had a great weekend. For those of you that are experiencing the winter from hell, just remember, nothing lasts forever! Just seems like it sometimes.

Today’s Silly Sunday is all about babies. Who doesn’t like babies, right? Even those of us who never had kids loves babies, especially when they go home. LOL kidding! Kind of. 😉

So enjoy!





it's amazing any of us survived back then. LOL
it’s amazing any of us survived back then. LOL



And to make sure you laugh, because who can resist laughing babies, right? So go ahead, make your day better! Watch and laugh!




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13 thoughts on “Silly Sunday ~~ Baby Edition

  1. Thanks for a making me laugh! I skyped today with my “babies” but the 9 month old was very serious. It was her first time really focusing on seeing me on the computer…serious stuff 🙂 many hugs!


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