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Party Girl ~~~ A Poem



Party Girl

Party girl
laying there on the floor
for someone else to find
to throw out the door

Party girl
her body weakened
from years of cheap liquor and smoke
was her life destined?

Party girl
eyes big with fear
thoughts of living forever
gone with her tears

Party girl
youthful looks gone
alone in your room
were you just lifes pawn?

Party girl
you could have been so much more
but the alcohol
held too much allure

Party girl
thinks she is unloved, unwanted
while her father cries
and his memories are haunted

Party girl
all her dreams are in shreds
laying in her hospital bed
being alive is what she dreads

Party girl
wakes up within her nightmare
swears things will be different
if she doesn’t end up in a wheelchair

Party girl
home again and alone
the bottle calls out her name
all good intentions are flown

14 thoughts on “Party Girl ~~~ A Poem

  1. This is a powerful poem, Jackie. Very sad. And unfortunately very realistic scenario too. I could see her. Hope everything is okay. Many hugs ❤


  2. I was going to say powerful, but I see a couple of others beat me to it! Oh heck, I’ll say it anyway, powerful! Really excellent, I could actually hear it as a song as I read it. Hope all is ok (based on what you said in a couple of comment replies!).


  3. Wow. This was amazing. I wanted to say something different than powerful, but that’s the perfect word.

    *Blog Pitch Party


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