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Tumbling Thoughts ~~~ A Poem


Tumbling Thoughts

My mind tumbles here and there,
never settling on one thing
too many ideas, thoughts,
some vague, some terrifying,
many ‘what ifs’ or ‘what-nots’
how do I decide what to do?
If the mind won’t settle on one thing

I want to write, yet cannot
to read, to draw, to paint, to to to…..
not enough hours in the day
I have the ‘have to’ fighting with the ‘want to’
so neither side wins
As the mind won’t settle on one thing

The weariness goes deep into my bones
the frustration of it all
the more I wrestle with ideas
the more elusive they become
playing hide and seek within my soul
come out, come out, do not hide from me
but the mind won’t settle on one thing

I get moody, angry, even bitter
I resent the things I must do
as they take precious time away,
time I could be using for all the ideas
sliding across the slippery slopes within
I can’t get the mind to settle on one thing

I feel as time is going by too fast
that I am racing in something I cannot win
My mortality is fading as I grasp at shadows
Not yet, not yet, not yet, they whisper
maybe not ever I sigh back
as my mind won’t settle on one thing

17 thoughts on “Tumbling Thoughts ~~~ A Poem

  1. I hope things settle down for you soon. I think the calendar has us trapped in a speeding time frame. Where has the past two months gone. Today is my granddaughter’s birthday and I just realized I may not have enough time left to complete her gift before her party on Sunday. Now I am in a race against time. ;-(


    1. I know! Time has gone by so fast and I can’t seem to catch up with anything! Here’s hoping you finish the present in time Lois.


  2. It’s so hard for children to learn to take turns! Those mind kids are worse.
    Must be the unsettle weather ( and winds here) making everything jumble and tug. A few warm sunny days would soothe.
    I like the way you indented/shaped the verses – adds to the feeling, mood, tone of it all


    1. Thank you. I wanted to show also how my mind is in tatters lately. Maybe it is the wind, as we have some wicked ones up here. Thanks for seeing what you saw in it.

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  3. I understand your frustration. It’s not pleasant to be unsettled with the mind wandering and feeling stuck. You are so good at many things and I hope your mind will find peace with one of those…like writing more regularly and maybe doing some painting too. This too shall pass…sending you a huge bear hug and ❤ Ps. Beautifully constructed poem!


    1. Thank you my friend. I will settle soon. things have just had me thinking too much. I am trying to write more regularly as I have several ideas floating around. Thank you for caring. Big big hugs to you also ❤


  4. I think this is what runs through the brains of all creative people. I swear you have been peeking in my brain again. That frustration and anxiety are overwhelming. So much we want/must do, so little time. Always something else needing our attention. You are in good company. I realize a sick husband puts you at the top of the pile and I wouldn’t trade you for anything. But life throws us curve after curve. There will always be another and the next life will have just as many so don’t think you’ll get out of the work. Just keep plodding on with your cheering section behind you. You’ll get there. Especially since you write such great poetry. Hugs, M

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    1. Thank you Marlene. I am plodding along. I suppose you are right. We will always have things we must do, now or in another lifetime. It’s never easy. Not sure I would know how to handle easy LOL. Hugs my friend.

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