April 2015 A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

Good day people!

Today is the day that we who are participating in the April A to Z Challenge reveal our themes (if we have one).


This is my first year joining all these wonderful people for this challenge. I’m super excited! I thought hard about a ‘theme’ for the challenge and finally figured out what I wanted to do.

My theme is going to be writing another story with my character DeeDee Watson, P.I, from ‘The Man in the Fedora.’ The Fedora story will be finished this week and then April 1 will start the next story. I’ve titled that one “The ABC’s of Death”.

There will be recurring characters, such as William Holden (the Fedora), the little dog Tee, Dee’s mother and brother and a few others.

This story will be more dark and tense then the Fedora story. Dee is hired to investigate a suicide that might actually be a murder. It’s her most dangerous case yet. Will she survive it? Come join me every day in April and see how she does!

Each chapter will be a letter of the alphabet. So it will go something like this;

(Chapter one) Another Case

(Chapter two) Badass Time

(Chapter three) Caught in the act!

And so on…….

Some chapters might only be a few hundred words, some longer. I think it’s rather ambitious for my first time, but I’m hyped and ready to tackle it! Hope you will join me and while you are at it, click on the A to Z challenge button on my sidebar and check out a few more bloggers who have joined. This is going to be a busy and exciting month!

I’ll give you a peak at the ‘book cover’ that I made.

ABC'S of Death book cover (4)


39 thoughts on “April 2015 A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

      1. Me too. I am really going to have to write a few posts and schedule them ahead of time cause I’ll be traveling in the middle of the month. But I’m doing it anyway!


  1. I agree, great idea. I need to set aside some time to start from the beginning and read all the way through to get caught up with your story. Love the cover.

    P.S you and one other blogger have inspired me to join in the A-Z challenge.:-)


    1. If you want to do so, sign up by clicking on the button on my sidebar, that will take you to the official site. You don’t have to have a theme as long as you use the alphabet, it’s all explained on the website. Please do join us! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It sounds like a lot of fun! It also looks a little overwhelming!! I followed the button. I also “copied” that weather button/widget you have on your site. That’s so cute.


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