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April A-Z Challenge ~~ The ABC’s of Death

I’m not going to list each preceding chapter every day. If you haven’t read previous chapters I have a category listing on the side with the title 2015 April A-Z challenge. You can find all the chapters there. Thanks for reading!

ABC'S of Death book cover (4)

Bikes and Bellboys

Before I leave for Ashville, I need a few things from home. I find the saddlebags for the Harley and start packing them. Tee is watching me expectantly. He’s a smart dog, he knows something is up.

I’m done packing, now it’s time to hit the road. I have to admit. I’m curious about Angela and the dead guy, Tony. I have a lot of questions. They were only going to get answered once I get to Ashville. I have the bike ready, I grab up the leather bag I use to carry Tee in when I’m riding.

“Come on Tee, lets ride.”

I grab him up and stick him in the bag and put on his special goggles. He loves to stick his head out of the bag when we’re riding so I had Mr. Frinklestein, the old watch repairman make up a pair of goggles for him. I get a lot of looks and laughs when Tee and I are out and about but they protect his eyes and for a dog, he’s pretty laid back about it all. Personally, I think he likes the attention from the ladies when he wears them.

The leather bag with Tee, I place across my chest as I hop on the bike. The weather is beautiful and it should be a great day for a five-hour trip.

Tee and I have an unadventurous trip to Ashville and arrive well before five o’clock. I find the Hilton and park my bike. Looking around as I take off my helmet and grab the saddlebags, I smell the brininess of the ocean. I look up at the Hilton and wonder how Angela got into real estate. In college, she had big plans to become a teacher in her hometown, somewhere in Hicksville.

Noticing all the fancy cars and SUV’s, this was as far away from Hicksville as she could get. And into real estate?  This certainly wasn’t the Angela I used to know.

I walk to the front counter to check in and some guy with a haughty attitude is watching me approach.

“May I help you Miss?”

“I’m supposed to have a reservation. DeeDee Watson.”

“Just a minute, please.” He’s checking the computer, discreetly tucked under the counter and I’m checking out the hotel.

It’s cool and quiet, with lots of marble and oak. Understated elegance I guess most would say. Me, I’m tired and just want to get settled and give Angela a call.

The haughty guy finally looks up from the computer and a bellboy seems to appear out of nowhere. He grabs my saddlebags and Mr. Haughty smiles a tiny smile.

“Room 432 Miss Watson. I do hope you enjoy your stay with us.”

“Yeah, thanks, I’m sure I will.”

I follow the bellboy to the bank of elevators. All this time Tee has been tucked away in the bag. Once we get into the elevator, he pops his head out, still with the goggles on.

The young bellboy takes a look at Tee and bursts out with a laugh, which he quickly stifles. He gives me a look and smiles.

“Sorry, Miss Watson. Your dog took me by surprise.”

“Not to worry.” I tell him as I slip off Tee’s goggles.

“I’m not going to have a problem with him here, am I?” I ask the young man. I see by his name tag that he’s called William.

“Oh no! Miss Watson. Lot’s of guests bring their small pets here.”

“Just call me Dee, William. Miss Watson makes me nervous.”

“You can call me Billy then.” He gives me a big smile.

The elevator doors open, I follow my new friend down the hall. He stops about midpoint and opens a door.

I step inside and set the bag down with Tee in it. Tee immediately steps out and goes exploring. I dig in my jeans pocket for Billy’s tip.

“Thanks, Billy. I can take things from here.” I hand him a generous tip.

“You need anything Dee, you call downstairs and ask for me. I’ve lived here all my life. I know all the out-of-the-way places the tourists never see.” He gives me an impudent wink and closes the door on his way out.

I need to call Angela and let her know I’m here. I hear Tee snuffling around as I dig my phone out of the saddlebags.

I punch in the number she gave me this morning and hear her voice on the other end.

“It’s me, Dee. I’m at the Hilton. Room 432, just come up and we’ll talk where it’s private.”

“I’m on my way.”

Angela sounded relieved that I was here. Did something else happen in the five hours between our phone conversations? Guess I’ll find out in about twenty minutes.



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20 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge ~~ The ABC’s of Death

  1. This is really coming along fast, Jackie! It’s very entertaining. Great job! I like “haughty man,” and Billy sounds like he’s going to be fun. Looking forward to tomorrow! 🙂


  2. I have always found a person (man or woman) who rides a motorcycle yet has a small dog to be comical. i don’t know why but small dog, loud motorcycle just don’t go together. I like it in your story as it adds a unique quality to Dee


    1. It just works with Dee. Tee is a unique character also, which you will see later on. I hope. One never knows with books. They change on you! 🙂


  3. Nice going! Watson’s dog got me too! Love the image that comes up in my mind of them riding together . And now adventures await!


  4. Ok, now I need another cup of coffee. Nice groundwork. I love seeing dogs in goggles. Shows their owners care about them. I always worry about the dogs in stories getting a chance to tinkle. That’s just me. 🙂 I think the way she treated the bellboy is going to be very helpful along the way. See you next time.


    1. Well, in books you never or rarely read about the characters taking a tinkle. LOL So goes for dogs too I guess. I might have to make sure to put down somewhere that Tee went for a tinkle, just for you. 😉

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