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2015 April A-Z Challenge ~~ The ABC’s of Death ~ K

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ABC'S of Death book cover (4)


Kick Ass Time


I reach the SUV. It’s unlocked. I climb in and set Tee and his satchel in the back seat. My luck is holding as I spot the keys in the ignition. I lay my head on the steering wheel. I’m so tired. The joy of seeing the SUV leaves and in its place is a crippling exhaustion. I’m just so damn tired. My body aches in every square inch of it. The putrid smell of dirt, sweat and blood fills my nostrils. It dawns on my fuzzy brain that the smell is coming from me.

A lone tear falls from my eyes onto my dirt-encrusted jeans. Another soon follows. I sniffle back some more before they drop. A thought pops into my head, I sit up straight and start laughing. I can’t help myself. The laughter just bubbles out.

I look back at Tee and see him watching me. I start laughing all over again.

“Tee, I’m stupid. Just don’t tell anyone, ok? That was a wine cellar we almost met our death in. A wine cellar! With big kegs in it. Do you know what that means? It means that they didn’t bring those kegs of wine down those damn wood steps. There must be an easier way in and out. I just didn’t think to look.”

I’m still smiling when I turn the key in the ignition and spot something that makes me smile bigger. An almost full bottle of some fancy named water. I grab it up and twist the cap off. I take a long drink. God, that tastes good. I look around a bit more and spot an empty coffee cup. I’m silently thanking Angela for not being a neat freak.

I tear the top off the coffee cup and pour the rest of the water in. I hold it out to Tee. He needs water more than I do. In seconds, the water is gone.

Alright. We’re alive, we have a vehicle, we have water. Now it’s time to head back to town and kick some ass.

Before I turn the SUV around and head back I check my cell. The battery is dead. I look at the clock in the SUV and am shocked at what time it is. I spent almost twenty-eight hours down in the dark and dirt. Twenty-eight hours of hell. Someone is going to pay for that. First, I have to find Angela and make sure she is alright.

I realize as I’m turning the vehicle around that I don’t know where Angela lives. I have her phone number of course, but it’s not going to do me any good if she is with that heavy-lidded goon. I turn onto the highway and head back to town. Angela wouldn’t be at her place. They have either taken her to their boss or Tony’s place to look for the deed.

I went through twenty-eight hours of hell, but so must Angela have. They’ve had her that long. They must know by now that she doesn’t know where Tony put the deed. Will they still keep her around? I hope so.




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17 thoughts on “2015 April A-Z Challenge ~~ The ABC’s of Death ~ K

  1. After 28 hours even I’d find the first fast food joint and grab something to eat. 🙂 How lucky the keys were in the SUV good of you not to make Dee’s life any harder


  2. The plot thickens further Jackie. Good to know DD is safe and on the trail of the ‘heavy-lidded goon’. Looking forward to tomorrow’s installment when I am sure the showered, clean and polished DD takes a decisive step forward…


  3. Now we can breathe out…for a little while, until tomorrow, I guess 🙂 I love the way you are writing this, so much delicious detail that one is drawn right in there!


  4. The hotel staff is going to love seeing her walk through the lobby. Maybe she can order room service while she plots and plans. 🙂 I’m hungry too. Bet Tee is too. At least they found water and air. Everything else is gravy.


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