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2015 April A-Z Challenge ~~~ The ABC’s of Death ~ M

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ABC'S of Death book cover (4)


Making Plans


I know if I try to call Fedora back he won’t answer so I don’t even try. The man is a pain, but it might not be a bad idea to have him watching my back. These guys have already shown they are willing to kill.

I hear a knock on my door. Must be Billy. I put my eye to the peephole, I’m not taking anything for granted. I don’t think the guys that have Angela know I’m still alive, but it pays to play it safe at this stage.

I see a distorted image of Billy so I open the door. He comes in pushing a food cart. “Your food was ready in the kitchen so I volunteered to bring it up. I also have the medical kit.”

The food smells good. Tee wakes up and is ready to be fed. Billy sets the small table in the room with some plates and utensils. My stomach is growling. Time for some nourishment. I cut up some of my steak for Tee and place the small plate on the floor.

“Come on buddy. You deserve steak.”

I motion for Billy to take the seat across from me. My hands hurt, but not enough to keep me from eating. I open one of the bottles of water Billy brought with him and pour some out for Tee, then drink the rest down. I wonder if I’ll ever get enough water.

I start to eat and in between bites I regale Billy with my adventures the past day or so. He lets me talk with only a few, ‘damn’ or other strong exclamations inserted in. When I’m done talking, I butter another roll and shove it in my mouth. Billy keeps my coffee cup full the whole time. The kid has potential.

“I knew you weren’t like most of our guests the first time I saw you in the elevator. You’re not one of these spoiled rich women who are afraid of breaking a nail.” Billy crosses his arms and leans his elbows on the table in a satisfied way.

The mention of broken nails forces me to remember my stinging hands. I open the medical kit and search through it. I find some antiseptic wipes and open them. I wipe my palms and open the sterile gauze. Billy moves his chair closer and takes the roll of gauze bandages.

“Better let me do that.” He says as he winds the gauze around my palms. I’m grateful for the help. The food kicks in and in spite of the gallon of coffee I drank I feel my eyelids getting heavy. I force them open.

“Billy, do you know where Tony Bandoni lived?”

“Sure do. My older sister worked for him for a few years. She used to have me deliver paperwork to his house sometimes for a few bucks.”

I notice he has his street clothes on for the first time. I must be tired if I missed that. “You off work for the day?” I ask him.

“Sure am.” He finishes tying off the bandages and sits back. “Can I help you in any way Dee? That would be so kick ass!” He practically jumps out of his chair in his enthusiasm.

“Can you find out if Angela is being held there? Without getting caught?” I know I shouldn’t involve the kid, but I need someone who won’t stand out doing a bit of reconnaissance work. He knows the town, the people and he’s smart.

“Piece of cake!”

I describe Angela and I also describe the man who took her.

“Whoa! I know that man. He’s someone you don’t want to piss off.” Billy sits back in his chair and gives a little whistle.

“How do you know him?” Maybe involving Billy isn’t a good idea.

“Me and a couple of buddies had some trouble with him once. We were skateboarding down the sidewalk, just goofing off, you know? And my friend flies past this guy and startles him. The guy cusses my friend out and goes after him! I swear if he would have caught one of us he would have done us some damage. He’s a scary kind of man.”

“You don’t have to do this, kid. In fact, you shouldn’t. You could get hurt.” I sit up and beat back the lethargic effects the food was having on me.

“No! I’ll do it. I’m not afraid of him.”

“You should be afraid of him, Billy. He’s a mean guy and won’t think nothing of hurting you.”

“I’ll be careful. I promise! Let me help. I won’t get caught.” He has a pleading look in his eyes. I need the help. I know Billy is smart and quick. If anyone can do it, he can.

“Ok. But the first sign of trouble you get your ass out of there and come back here. You promise?”

“I won’t get caught.”

“I can’t do anything till it gets dark. I want you to see if you see any activity at Tony’s. If you do, you just watch from a safe distance. Then come back here tonight and let me know. I’ve got to get some sleep. I’m not helping anyone if I’m not alert.”

I hate to leave Angela there with the guy for one more minute. I also didn’t want us to get killed. I need some sleep or I wasn’t any good for anything. I also know I can’t just walk up to Tony’s house and announce myself. They think I’m in a hole in the ground. I want that to work to my advantage. I’m also not stupid enough to think I can do this on my own.

Then tonight, if Billy can find Angela, I’ll go get her. If it involves kicking some ass in the process, all the better.

I tell Billy to be careful one more time, then tell him to come here at ten tonight. I can’t do anything till then but rest. Which I do once Billy leaves. I lay down on the bed next to Tee and stretch out. God, I’m tired.




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  1. I was getting worried for a minute that Billy put something in her coffee to make her so sleepy. Good to know he’s on her side. She could use some help she can trust, beside Tee of course. Oh, let’s not forget Fedora.:)


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