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2015 April A-Z Challenge ~~~ The ABC’s of Death ~ P

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Putting Plans in Motion


We arrive at the Wenner Estate under a full moon. I’m grateful for that, gives us lots of light to work by. I don’t want flashlights shining or anything that will draw attention to us. I stop in front of the house with the SUV right behind me.

I walk back to the vehicle and Fedora rolls down the window. “Park over there, that’s where it was before. I want everything to look as much like it was when they were here so they don’t suspect anything.” I point out where I want Fedora to move to.

Billy gets out of the SUV and stands next to me while Fedora parks it. I look around. Doesn’t look like anyone has been here since I was here this morning. Was it only this morning? A little shudder goes through my body at the thought of digging out of the hole. I shake it off.

“I’m going to hide my motorcycle behind that shed over there.” I point to the shed next to the house. “Once we have things in place, it’s just a matter of waiting for them to show up.”

“What’s the plan Dee? We can’t just surprise them and then fight it out.” Fedora asks while he looks around the place.

“If my plans work out right, we won’t have to fight them at all.” I tell him. “First, don’t move around without watching where you are going. There are holes dug all over this place. So be careful.”

“I’ll show you where the hole is that I fell through and where they will take Angela. That is the place where we need to set everything up. If we pull this off, Angela will be safe and the bad guys will be in the hole instead.”

“They will still have guns, Dee and we won’t.” Fedora states.

“We don’t need guns, Fedora. The guns won’t do them much good down there.” I tell him. Unless they run into a giant rat. I smile at the thought.

Billy joins the conversation. “I just talked to David, my friend that is watching Tony’s place. They are still there. Not doing much from what he says.”

“They are just waiting for daylight. Once it starts to get light they will make their move.” I tell him. They are smart enough not to want to walk around this place in the dark. Or they have orders from the boss to wait till then.

“It might take us a while to set things up, so let’s get going,” I tell the guys. “Here’s what I want to do.”

I tell them my plans and what I want done. Billy is grinning and Fedora is frowning. Of course Fedora doesn’t like my plans. He never does.

“You sure, Dee? Wouldn’t it be easier just to get the drop on them when they get here?” Fedora asks.

I look at him and hold my hand out. “Give it to me Fedora. You know I hate guns. They aren’t necessary if you use your brain.” I wiggle my fingers. “I know you have one, just give it to me now before someone gets hurt.”

He just stares at me. “How did you know I have a gun? It’s my gun, Dee. I don’t need your permission to carry it.” Fedora gets a stubborn look on his face.

“Dammit Fedora. You almost got me killed the last time you brought that thing to a fight. We don’t need it!”

“I’ll keep it on me just the same, Dee.”

“Suit yourself. But, if you end up shooting your foot off during all the excitement, don’t come whining to me.”

“I don’t whine!” Fedora has an indignant look on his face.

I laugh. “Yes you do! Rich men have that tendency to whine!” I shoot back at him.

“Guys! Don’t we have things to do?” I hear Billy’s voice overriding mine and Fedora’s. Damn the man makes me lose my temper faster than anyone I know, except my brother Mac.

“You’re right Billy, we do have things to do.” I ignore Fedora and tell Billy how I want things set up. Time is slipping by, I don’t have time to babysit Fedora. I turn to him next and explain what I want him to do once the guys show up.

“I’m not sure I like your plans, Dee. You are setting yourself up to be a target!”

“I won’t be in their sights for more than a few seconds. It’ll work if you do your part.” I am not going to argue with the man further. We don’t have time. I look up at the skies and notice that it’s starting to get cloudy. So much for our full moon.

“Come on guys, the clouds are coming in and we don’t have much time to set things up by the moon’s light. We need to stop arguing and start working together if we want this to work.”

Billy heads off behind the house to do his part. I look over at Fedora. “OK, I’m in and I’ll do my part when the time is right. I just hope you don’t get shot.” Fedora heads off towards the bushes next to the SUV.

I turn to my bike and start it up to move it behind the shed. I have a few things to do so Tee and I will be ready for our starring roles in this.  A calmness settles over me. I take a deep breath.

Time to put my plans in motion.




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17 thoughts on “2015 April A-Z Challenge ~~~ The ABC’s of Death ~ P

  1. I like the no guns policy. Fedora and DD’s relationship is developing, a bit like kids sorting out who is the stronger…..thank goodness for the level headed ness of Billy……but can he be trusted I ask myself.


  2. I never worried about Billy. He seemed like a good guy right away. I honestly don’t have a clue what you have planned. I’m looking forward to the next chapter!! 🙂


  3. What a cliffhanger, Jackie! Very clever 🙂 If this was a book (which I hope it’ll be), I’d turn the page fast…now have to wait until tomorrow. Patience….and hugs!


    1. I’m afraid my friend you will have to wait till Monday! Sundays are the challenge days off. Hope your weekend is going well. Big hugs!


  4. Billy isn’t the one I was worried about. It was the friend he left back to watch. I’ll be gone all week without my laptop. I’ll try to read this on my tablet if I get the chances. Can hardly wait to see Fedora get his gun taken from him. Never good to have guns if you don’t know how to use them…well. Keeping my fingers crossed for this bunch. 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday.


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