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2015 April A-Z Challenge ~~~ The ABC’s of Death ~ U

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ABC'S of Death book cover (4)



Unlikely Motives


I rush over to where Angela lies on the floor. At least she didn’t hit anything on her way down. Damn, now what do I do? Ok, think Dee. Cold water? Cold water helps people who have passed out, right?

I can’t just pour cold water on her. I’m not good in situations like this. I look around the room and spot the washcloth. A cold washcloth should work. I saw that in a movie one time. I dampen the washcloth with cold water and kneel down next to Angela. I pat her face with it and notice her eyelids twitching.

“Come on Angela. Wake up!”

I pat her face some more. “Angela! Wake up.”

She opens up her eyes. “Dee? Dee, what am I doing on the floor?”

I help her sit up, then stand up and sit her in a chair. “You passed out. When was the last time you ate? Did those goons hurt you, Angela? You need to see a doctor or something?”

I’m feeling a bit anxious. I should have asked her before if those guys did anything to her. If they did, they are going to stay in that hole for a lot longer than a day!

“Doctor? No, no I don’t want to see a doctor. I’ll be alright. Maybe a glass of water?” She closes her eyes and I watch her carefully for a few seconds. I don’t want her passing out again.

“Sure, I can get you a glass of water. Hang on, Angela.”

I grab a glass out of the bathroom and a water bottle from the mini fridge. I sit down across from her and hand her the glass full of water. She takes a few sips and gets a bit more color in her cheeks.

“You ok now, Angela?”

“I think so, Dee. I’m sorry I’m being such a baby. You’ve been through more than I have and look at you! You’re not fainting or doing something stupid like that.” Angela frowns as she looks over the rim of the water-glass at me.

“You’re doing fine, Angela. I’m really not the fainting type, I guess.” I shrug my shoulders. “You need some food in you. When was the last time you ate?”

“I don’t really remember. With Tony dying, then getting threats myself and everything else that has gone on. I think it’s been a few days.”

“See, that’s your problem! Even I would faint if I hadn’t eaten in a few days.” I smile and try to reassure her. No wonder she looks so bad. Probably hasn’t slept much either. We’ll order something to eat from room service and while Fedora, Billy and I plan our next moves she can take a nap. She’ll be herself again in no time.

“Angela, did those guys do anything to you? They didn’t touch you did they?” I hate to ask her these questions, but I need to make sure she really is alright, physically anyway.

It takes her a minute to understand what I mean. Her eyes widen and she shakily puts down the glass of water. “No! No, Dee! They never touched me like that! Sid, he’s the one that gave orders to the other two, slapped me once, but that’s all they did!”

Relief washes over me. I move to the hotel phone and pick it up. “What we need is food. I’ll order room service.” I ring the kitchen and give an order for bacon, eggs and toast and lots of coffee. I want to get over to Tony’s house as soon as I can. I also need to talk to Tony’s daughter.

We need to find out why the deed to the Wenner place is so important. Is it really the bouillon they are after? They could find it without the deed, after all, the place is isolated enough that half a dozen men could work in the place and no one would know. Look at how many holes were already dug around the place.

What if it’s not the bouillon? What if it’s something else entirely? It has to be something pretty important to whoever the top boss is if they are willing to kill for it. What could it be?

“Angela, did this Sid ever ask about the hidden bouillon? Did you hear why they want the deed so badly?”

“They never mentioned the bouillon. The deed won’t do them much good unless it’s signed over to them or their boss. I told him that!”

“What did Sid say to that?” My curiosity is aroused even more at this news.

“He didn’t say anything to me directly. He mostly ignored me once he found out I really couldn’t tell him where the deed was.”

I was really hoping this Sid would be like most no-brain hoodlums and brag to Angela about what they wanted the deed for. Maybe Sid is smarter than I thought. Now that would be a letdown.

“I did overhear the other two talking about a manuscript. I wasn’t really paying attention at the time. The place does have a few fine antiques in the house. Once cleaned up they would be worth something. The library is also full of rare books. Old man Wenner was quite the collector I understand.”

I ponder this a moment. So what do we have? A crime boss that wants the Wenner deed. His henchmen that are looking for that deed, but aren’t interested in the bouillon. Everyone loves gold. At today’s market, it would be worth a large fortune. A couple of them  mention in passing a manuscript. What kind of manuscript? Is that what they are really after?

The questions keep coming, but no answers. Yet.



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