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How I Write a Fight Scene




Hello, people!

If you came here expecting wise advice on how to write a fight scene. Well, I might disappoint you. Sorry about that.

As many of you know I am up to a fight scene in The ABC’s of Death, between Dee, Fedora and three bad guys. Angela might help, she might not. She’s not sure at this point.

So, here’s my problem. I have never written a fight scene before. Yeah, I know. Scary shit this writing gig sometimes. I have it pictured in my head how I want it to go. Writing it is another matter. It ain’t as easy as one might think.

I got Dee, a private investigator, a woman (duh!) who is well versed in self-defense as she has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art form where the premise is that a smaller, weaker person can take down a much larger and stronger opponent by grappling him/her to the ground and using ground fighting techniques and submission holds involving choke holds and such.

Dee is also not exactly a ‘small’ woman, she is 5 foot 10 inches, with long strong legs and a keen mind. Not your average shrinking violet.

Then we have Fedora. Dee met Fedora on another case and at first wasn’t too impressed with the man even though he is good-looking, rich and smart. She calls him Fedora because he has a penchant for wearing fedora hats. Which I might add, he does with flair. ­čśë

Fedora is still somewhat unknown as far as fighting is concerned. In the first story when they met, Fedora carried a gun. Dee hates guns, which you will come to find out why much later down the road. Anyway, it seems Dee convinced Fedora to take some lessons in self-defense. We’ll see how that went for him in the next chapter.

Now you have the bad guys. Sid and his two fellow goons. Big badass types. They kind of like their guns. They like to make people fear them. They enjoy hurting people. They got that stuff down pat.

You mix it all together and see what happens. I wish it was that simple.

It all boils down to this. I’ve been doing research on how to write a good fight scene. I tell you one thing. Everyone has an opinion. Ha! So now I have to write the damn thing.

You don’t realize how much work a writer puts in a book till you start to write one yourself. The good authors have my deepest respect. I mean they always did, but now that I am in the belly of the beast so to speak, I can tell you again. This shit ain’t easy to do.

The short of my rambling on is this…no chapter today. I know! I know! Don’t shoot the messenger. Really, don’t, because the messenger is also the writer…..

I have the chapter almost done. Almost! Just some I don’t like. So I’m giving myself another day to write it. Because I love you guys. I don’t want to hand you crap to read.

Sure, some might say I already  have, but eh, again, not everyone has to like the same things, right?

So tomorrow the big fight scene will be done. I  hope you enjoy it.

Oh, by the way, Dee is one kick ass lady!