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I’m over at Marcia’s blog ‘The Write Stuff’ showing my first chapter of The Man in the Fedora! Come join the fun! 🙂

The Write Stuff

fedora book cover smaller

Jackie Phillips has asked me to share the first chapter of her WIP, tentatively entitled The Man in the  Fedora. The title and the cover are both tentative at this point, actually, subject to change after editing and a bit closer to publication.This is Book 1 of a series about a Private Eye named Dee Dee Watson, who rides a Harley, and has a black belt in jujitsu. She’s been hired to find…well…why don’t I let you read the excerpt and see for yourself? Thanks for sharing with us Jackie, and much good luck as you pursue this dream.

The Man in the Fedora  

I was sitting at my desk, wondering if I should just give it up for the day and find a good stiff drink. When he comes strolling in.

He looked like he stepped out of an old 1940’s movie set. You know the type…

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