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Flashback Friday

Hello, People!

It’s been pretty warm here in my part of Alberta, Canada. Hot and dry. Plus, lots of grass fires surrounding us. Makes for a not so pleasant time outdoors, I can tell you. We had Canada Day on the first of July and I know the US is having their Independence Day celebrations this weekend. Happy fourth of July you guys!

Just please, be careful out there if you are traveling, camping or shooting off fireworks. We don’t want anyone hurt or worse. Also, if you have pets, please keep them safe and secure as this is a very frightening time for them with all the loud noises.

So, because it’s so warm and dry here I thought I would bring back a poem I wrote a few years ago. It remains one of my most popular poems as far as views go. Hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend no matter where you are at!



Rain Flowers

Spring brings soft rain
winter ends its pain
flowers in glorious color
stand tall and reign

New green grass grows
rain never slows
it’s refreshing drink is savored
only a matter of time I know

Soon color to the land will come
flowers, shrubs, gardens, so awesome
Windows opened wide, no longer
will I be sunk in winter’s boredom

I rejoice in rain clouds in the skies
as birds compete on current highs
Leaves show green on the trees
as if they’ve been brushed with dyes

So let it rain, let it pour all day
I will no longer be winters prey
Gray and gloomy it might be
soon rain flowers will gently sway



13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Nice optimistic poem. I’d give anything to see some rain. We are melting here. It’s been a full month with temps Portland never sees. Fish are dying in the lakes. I sit and do very little after noon. Hope things get better up there soon. How’s the hubby doing? Happy 4th to you.


    1. We need rain too, I think we are supposed to get some in a few days, we’ll see. It’s been very warm here, much warmer than we are used to. I stay inside with the air going. 🙂 Hubby is hanging in there. Happy 4th to you also.

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  2. This is a beautiful poem, Jackie – no wonder its popular on your pages 😀

    Those grass fires sound awful. They make me cough and my eyes sting. Stay indoors and write more poetry! 😉

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  3. I hope this beautiful poem brings some good rain to you! We’re finally getting rains every now and then. It helps to cool down a bit. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!!


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