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A Restless Mind and a Book Cover Reveal

Do you ever get nights where you can’t sleep because your mind won’t turn off? That’s been me lately.


Last night I tossed and turned and couldn’t quiet my mind. I wasn’t upset about anything. I have so many things going on around me that my mind had a hard time shutting down. I was going through each and every piece of information like a chaotic picture book.

The pages flipped and flopped and nothing would settle enough for me to grab onto.

I laid there and as the pages of my restless mind threw pictures at me I tried to quiet myself. I closed my eyes and thought…things will get done. They always do. I’m only one woman, but I have always managed to get what I needed done, done.

Mostly I’m worried about my books that I’m working on. Well, technically one is a short story. I’m deep into edits for them both. My short story ‘The Canine Caper’ is in the hands of my wonderful beta readers.

The next one is novel length, ‘A Case of Deceit’. I’m doing first draft edits on it now. Plus, I’m trying to learn Gimp (a free software for image manipulation). I’m trying to learn how to make my own book covers. This is not easy, folks. I have super respect for anyone who does this.

I have a tentative book cover for ‘The Canine Caper’. I didn’t do the work, I outsourced it on because that’s all I can afford. I thought she did a pretty good job. This is what she came up with.


The dog is spot on. Just like Tee in the stories as I saw him in my mind. The woman, I’m not so sure about as Dee. What do you think? I really need your input.

With all this restlessness comes the doubts. You know the type…

Am I good enough?

Can I really write something that people want to read?

I hate when the doubts start creeping in. I’m working so hard to make this writing dream come true. I don’t give up easily. I can’t give up.

So I lay in bed at night and fight the demons in my mind. Sometimes I win, sometimes they win and sometimes it’s a draw because I fall into an exhausted sleep in the middle of the fight.

I keep fighting. The day I’m published is the day I win this skirmish. Then onto the next.



How do you settle your mind when it’s all over the place? What do you think about the book cover?