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Help!! I’m Editing and I Can’t Get Out!

Hello, people!

As you can tell by the post title I am deep into the editing mode for my stories ‘The Canine Caper’ and ‘A Case of Deceit’. (formally ‘The Man in the Fedora’ and ‘The ABC’s of Death’)

Call me crazy.  I’m editing both almost at the same time. Plus, a friend and I are working on a new book cover for the Canine Caper. I just wasn’t happy with the one I showed you guys a few days ago. Yeah, I’ve been busy.

Those are my reasons for not being around much lately. Thank you to J for checking up on me yesterday when she couldn’t find me around the blog world. Thanks for caring J!

So, to prove I am alive and kicking I decided to do a post on the editing phase of things. It’s going to be an easy post. Just quotes from other people on editing. Yeah, I’m just that busy (or lazy) 😉

I don’t mind the editing part. I like seeing my stories grow stronger and better with each pass. For me, the hard part is stopping! I mean, where do you stop? How many times do you go over the same story and finally say…enough? That part right there is the hardest part.

If anyone out there has a foolproof way of doing this editing gig, let me know. Now I know a lot of you would say, hire an editor! I would, but I can’t as I’m broke. So it falls to me to kill my darlings myself.