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If We Were Having Coffee

Hello, People!

I do hope this first day of August is a great one for you. It’s hard for me to think it’s August already! Seems like the year just started.


If We Were Having Coffee


If we were having coffee, I would invite you inside where there is air conditioning as we are having a very warm day today. Maybe you would like ice coffee instead? Me, I’ll still have mine hot, as I don’t like it iced.

We’ll sit in the coolness and I would tell you how excited I am about several things lately. First, I would tell you how overwhelmed I have been with the offers to guest post on my blog. The response I got from fellow bloggers have been phenomenal. I still have several bloggers who have promised posts that will be forthcoming and have a few more already scheduled for next week. This makes me very happy.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am done with my edits for the first story in the DeeDee Watson, PI series, The Canine Caper! It’s all ready to be formatted and put on Amazon! Also, I have a brand new book cover for the story. Would you like to see it? Yes? All right….here it is…



cover play 5 canine caper



I’m so happy with this new book cover. The last one was good, but this one I think suits the story much better. I just wasn’t satisfied with the last one and how Dee was portrayed on it. I love this one! A friend and I worked for days on this. I found the images and she did the Photoshop work. We are working on the second book cover for ‘A Case of Deceit’ now while I do the edits for the story.

For the Canine story, I am hoping to have it up on Amazon by the end of the month, with the second following a few weeks later. Wish me luck!

If we were having coffee, I would also tell you that I have started a new blog. Yes, I’m certifiably crazy. It’s going to be tied in with the DeeDee Watson, PI books. I’ve been working on it as I have time the last few weeks. It will be…um…different. In a good way I hope! How will it be different? Well, the characters of the books will be writing for the blog, not me. I mean, of course, I will be writing, as the characters are fictional. But…Dee, Fedora and yes even Tee will be there. They will be in charge of what I write, they dictate, I write and post. Confusing? How about you hop on over there after you read this post and give it a look. It’s still a work in progress, but if you want to follow it, it won’t hurt my feelings. 🙂

I’ll try to post on that blog a few times a week. Oh, I guess you’ll need the link, right? Here it is….       ( was already taken, so I just added author on the end)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the last month has been crazy. Some good, some not so good. First, the weather…whats with the weather? In my little corner of Alberta, Canada we have had some really hot days, some pleasant days and we even had days in the middle of the month that I had to put the heat on! That’s just crazy. But it was cold and rainy and windy and this tin can we call a home was cold and damp. So yeah, I put the heat on. Today? It’s in the low 90’s (low 30’s c). I’m just thankful I have air conditioning.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about the husband. As most of you know, he has been disabled the last few years with debilitating back pain. He has arthritis of the spine and multiple spurs on the spine. Some days he can hardly get up out of bed. We finally got him in to see a new doctor last week, as his old doctor was doing nothing for him except prescribing stronger and stronger pain medications. This new doctor said it was ‘unusual’ for patients to take this big a dose of pain meds for a ‘degenerative disease’.

In other words, the old doctor would just keep giving stronger pain medication for something that is NOT going to get better, instead of trying to deal with the pain in other ways. Which is why I wanted the husband to go to a different doctor. I knew something was not right when the old doctor would just brush us off when we spoke to him about alternative methods of dealing with the pain. If the doses kept going higher on his pain meds, he would turn into a zombie. The quality of life would be nil. This wasn’t acceptable to me. Or to the husband.

The biggest breakthrough with the new doctor was this…he diagnosed the husband with depression! Finally! I’ve been trying to tell the old doctor for several years that the husband was depressed, he wouldn’t listen to me. This doctor saw it before I even said anything! It’s just not normal for anyone to start to cry for no apparent reason. Which the husband did several times during the doctor visit.

I kept my mouth shut for most of the of doctor visit, (yes I went in the room with the husband.) so I was almost shocked when the doctor said he wanted to ask the husband a few questions dealing with depression. He asked questions, the husband answered and the doctor said from the answers he would say the husband is definitely depressed. He prescribed Zoloft and we set up an appointment with a mental health expert. The doctor explained to the husband that he wants to wean him off the strong pain meds and that with being depressed the husband was feeling a higher degree of pain due to the depression. So it’s a great start! We’ll see what happens next with the therapist.

So I have been having a busy few weeks.

If we were having coffee, I would just relax and after telling you my news I would listen to yours and enjoy your company.

Thanks for joining me and see you soon!




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