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Flashback Friday

Hello People! I do hope your start of the weekend is a good one. We finally have cooler temps here in my corner of Alberta Canada. We’ve been having some hot days lately, yesterday being one of the hottest ones. It got up to 36C (97F). It’s been in the 30’s (90’s) for a while now so I’m more than ready for some cooler weather.

For Flashback Friday, I’ve chosen to bring back a little story I wrote almost exactly two years ago. It was for a WordPress Daily prompt and one that I had fun writing. Hope you enjoy it!




When the full moon happens, you turn into a person who’s the opposite of who you normally are. Describe this new you.


I sit huddled in the dark corner of my living room. I can feel the pull of the new moon that is rising in the star-studded inky sky.

I dread it every time the full moon rises. My body twitches and itches. My nerve endings tingle with energy. I know what is coming and hate the inevitable.

Clenching my teeth I hug myself tightly. My body rocks back and forth as my fingers dig into my aching arms. My head starts to buzz and I feel my teeth ache. I rock harder and hear myself mumbling a useless litany of words.

“Please, please, not again. No, no, no. I will not turn.”

Again and again I sing this song. I know it won’t make a difference. It always happens on the full moon. Always.

My family has been cursed for centuries. An old ancestor made a very powerful warlock angry and he cursed the females of the family. Every new moon the curse comes alive. For me it is an agony, a torture that I endure. I’m not sure how much longer I can live through it. It weakens me each time. Each time I think will be my last. Each time I pray it will be my last.

Hours before the new moon comes I bar the door and windows. Dozens of locks are put in place and I hide the keys. I make sure my car is not readily available by pulling out cables and hiding those also. I do more and more each time to try to insure I can’t get out of my own home.

I’ve even gone as far as putting my car in someone else’s garage overnight, hoping that it will slow my desires down when the new moon rises. It’s never enough though. Never strong enough locks, the car is never too far away. The moon’s pull is more powerful than all my puny attempts of sabotage.

My rocking slows as I feel the moon’s final pull on my body. The change has come. I sigh deeply and rise from my chair. I know I look different now, I don’t have to search out a mirror to confirm it. I have lived with this never-ending curse for years now. There is no cure, no hope.

I know my eyes have ice in them now. I am cold, calculating. I have changed completely into someone I hate, I fear. My body feels differently now. It’s rigid and tough. I toss back my hair and breath deeply. The change is complete once again.

I have changed into something I have always feared. That is part of the curse. The females change into something they fear the most. Each one is different. Each one is unique in her fears. For me, I have changed into something I am not.  Someone tough, hard and ruthless.

I grab my purse and keys and a brightly colored sales brochure. Yes, the change is complete one more time.

I have changed into a  shoe shopper, a sales shoe shopper!  Goddess help me.




12 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Ha ha. You are a kick. The last place in the world you want to be is a shoe shop. I’m not so fond of them myself. 🙂 Wearing tennis shoes a size too big because my sister gave them to me and I don’t have to go buy a pair. Big socks do the trick. Fun story.


  2. Wow! What intense build up!! I guess I was cursed too only I can change anytime of the month. Well when I had a 9 – 5 and could wear pretty high heel shoes. Good job Jackie.


  3. That was too funny, Jackie! We all have a different fear and curse 🙂 I’m just back home…will catch up with you tomorrow!


  4. Jackie, you crack me up. Shoe shopping? I thought as you got up to leave your alter ego was a binge eater. Shopping is so much worse. 🙂


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