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Nano Poblano ~~~ NaBloPoMo Day One!

Happy November people! This is the month that every writer and blogger goes just a little crazy. Or a lot….


This is the month of writing every single day for the month. Whether you are doing NanoPoblano, NaBloPoMo or NaNoWriMo. It’s all crazy! The writing, the reading, the following. Ahhhhhh!! So of course I have to join in. Ha!

Every day this month I will be posting something. I first thought of doing flash fiction every day. Then I decided not to limit myself as so much is going on right now. I’m also going to be working on my next Dee and Tee book, tentatively titled “The Murder in Cabin B10”. I’ve done a ton of research on it and have it started. I also have the health situation with the husband (colon cancer) to keep you all updated on. So, I thought I can’t just do flash fiction, I will do a mix of it all.

There will be all sorts of different posts going on this month. So, keep coming back to see what I am doing.

Also, if you would like to see a flash fiction done with one of your ideas, please let me know in the comments or send me a quick email via my contact page! I’m always looking for new pictures or ideas on what to write about. I’ll mention that it was your inspiration that made me do it! It’ll be all your fault. 😉

So here is the breakdown of what I will be doing this month……

  • flash fiction….either from a picture, a word, or a phrase (100-500 words)
  • updates on the husband
  • Friday Quotes
  • Monday Meetings
  • updates on how the new book is coming along
  • anything else that strikes my fancy




Like I said, if you have anything you would like to see me write about, let me know!

I do believe this counts as my first day’s post……….



I enjoy reading, writing, and painting. I love animals and at present have one dog (Sam) and 2 cats (brother and sister, Notwen and Pouncer). I've lived in various places in the USA and now in Canada. I've always enjoyed watching life and people and have developed an appreciation for it all. My outlook is sometimes out of the normal.... but that's what makes things so interesting! I am always interested in the opinions of others. Everyone has their own outlook and it's always worthwhile to listen!

4 thoughts on “Nano Poblano ~~~ NaBloPoMo Day One!

    1. No, I don’t think you missed it. It was the way I described it. All the doctors are calling it colon cancer. I called it pre-cancerous. I think I better go with the doctors opinions. My mistake, not yours.


  1. I’m so very happy you’re a pepper, Jackie. 🙂 And I’m excited about all your projects and especially the types of posts that fit under “whatever strikes your fancy”. 🙂

    And I’m sorry about your husband. *hugs* I will send as many good thoughts in that direction that I possibly can. ❤


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