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Monday Meeting ~~ November 2, 2015

Good day, People! I hope your weekend was good and that everyone that celebrates Halloween came through it without being haunted. 😉  Let’s get to the meeting shall we?


Monday Meeting


Help yourself to all the Halloween candy you want. Grab your favorite beverage and sit a spell.

This is the second day in November and I’ve done pretty good with Nano Poblano/NaBloPoMo. I’ve made it two days in a row! Ha! Let’s see how I do in a couple of weeks. Yesterday after I posted to my blog I had to do paperwork for a government agency that might help the husband and I. Took all afternoon to get that ready. Good thing I’m organized, otherwise it would have taken much longer. Comes from being a secretary for a few years in my misspent youth.

Do they even call them secretaries anymore? Or do they call them something else now? Administrative assistant? I was that once too. Worked for the newspaper in Waco, Texas for a while. I liked Waco, it was a friendly place to live.

Anyway, I digress. The problem with government agencies is that they won’t help you unless they know every little, tiny, minute detail of your life for the past five years or more. From your finances (don’t have any), to your health (bad), and don’t forget that note from your mother (good thing she is still alive) and a pint of blood (don’t want mine, it’s contaminated). They want everything yesterday, but will get back to you in about three months….maybe (if you’re lucky).

As for the husband, he’s quiet. Too quiet. Makes me worried but not much I can do. I know he’s worried and scared. Hell, who wouldn’t be if they were told they had colon cancer. He sees his therapist this afternoon, so I’m hoping he will open up to her and tell her how he feels and get it out. I’m not holding my breath on that one. I’m keeping my eye on him and I even managed to make him laugh yesterday. Just being my silly self. Haven’t heard him laugh in a long time.

My book, A Case of Deceit came out on the 30th of October. Ready to buy in paperback and kindle. Yay!! I haven’t really pushed it, yet. I’ve been so busy with other things that I kind of put the marketing on a back burner. I’m sure most of you are not too sad about not seeing more books for sale. ha! That’s the bad thing about trying to sell your books to other authors. The good thing is they understand. 😉 If you are interested in reading a good book, click on the books on my sidebar and take a gander! Thank you.

The birthday cards that a lot of you good people sent me for my mother is being sent today. She is going to be surprised when she gets this packet! So many of you were so kind to send her little gifts too. All is appreciated and I will let you know her reaction when she gets them. She knows she is getting something and that it will be late for her birthday, but she is still excited to know they are coming. When you get to be 86, you get your excitement out of the little things in life.

That’s about it for me today. Now I need to get my butt in gear and get some more things done. See you tomorrow! Have a wonderful week!



9 thoughts on “Monday Meeting ~~ November 2, 2015

  1. Jackie, I have been thinking about you and your husband. I’m glad to hear he has a therapist to talk to as I’m sure there are things he feels are too much to lay on you.

    Congrats on getting your book done. I will be checking that out. Did you have any trick or treaters stop by or was your Halloween a quiet one?


    1. Hi Lois! Halloween here was very quiet. No kids. It’s more of a retirement place and we are kind of out in the country.
      I do hope the husband does talk to the therapist. He is more likely to say, ‘everything is fine’ like he usually does. He is very …..private.


  2. I was going to be a pepper again this year, but my health is standing in my way. 😦
    Oh well, I will enjoy hearing from you daily this month!


  3. Day 2, writer’s block sets in. Yikes!

    Glad that hasn’t happened to you.

    Some people do a lot more scandalous things in their misspent youth besides being a secretary, ya know! 😉


    1. How can writer’s block set in already?? You can do more lists….who doesn’t like lists. Or you can do a Lego comic, you’re great at those! Or, how about something with Pigpool. He’s my favorite. 😉
      Back when I was a secretary, you were still supposed to make coffee, fetch the boss’s dry cleaning and buy his girlfriend and wife flowers. I didn’t last too long……hahaha!


  4. Joining in NaBloPoMo myself too (Here goes nothing)

    Loved your “Dee & Tee” story (from April A-Z)… Would love to read what happens next. What kind of trouble does Dee get into next, and does she find romance.


    1. Good luck with NaBloPoMo! And thank you. With the next Dee and Tee book, you might just get the more romance part. Not saying for sure…but….you know…romantic cruise ship and all. 😉

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