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Sam and Me Comic

Hello people!

I do hope your weekend has gone well. With our crazy weather, we’ve been having recently (last week snow, today it’s 14C/58F), I’ve decided to do a Sam and Me comic about it. I haven’t done one in a while so why not….




How’s the weather where you are at?




11 thoughts on “Sam and Me Comic

  1. When I saw your comic I remembered you were from Alberta. I just left there last week – after a weekend of wet snow and dreary skies. It felt much more like a Swiss winter than an Albertan start to one! I miss the big skies and fields, but not the cold of winter.


  2. Love the comic, but the weather sounds…unpredictable 😉 We’ve been having gorgeous fall weather with some cool nights, but there’s a “warming trend” coming up just when we all thought it was perfect.


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