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Sending Light and Love

Earlier today I was wracking my brain to try to figure out what to post. Then I got a call to arms from my favorite dinosaur...Rara. She wanted us to spread some kindness today, so here I am, trying to spread a little love and light.

Help yourself to all you need. There is a never-ending supply……












In these dark and troubled times it’s easy to forget how to be kind. Don’t. Don’t ever forget. We need kindness now more than ever. Hate is not the way to go. We get what we put out there. I firmly believe that. So I choose to give out light and love….to each and every one of you and beyond.


8 thoughts on “Sending Light and Love

  1. This is beautiful, sis. TY for posting this and reminding us all that love and light are a choice. We do not have to sink below the depths. We can rise. It only takes one to elevate the human condition. Each of us. XOXO


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