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Update and a Reminder!

Hello, People.

It’s been a very busy and stressful last couple of days for me. Whew! Yesterday morning the husband had his colon operation. They started at 9 am and he didn’t get into his hospital room until 3 pm. It was a long day of waiting. I went to see him yesterday afternoon and he was still pretty groggy and out of it. I wasn’t able to talk to the doctor, but the nurses said he was doing well. His son and I only stayed for a short while. Just to assure us he was ok, then we left and let him have his rest.


I was there again bright and early this morning. He looked good but was in pain (of course). He told me the doctor had been in to see him around 5 am this morning. That’s when I found out the reason for the surgery taking so long yesterday. Seems they closed him up after the surgery but couldn’t stop the bleeding. His blood pressure went down to 50/30. They had to give him a transfusion and get him stable before he could go to the recovery room.

Last night and this morning he was still bleeding internally. They are monitoring him and if it keeps up through today the doctor told him they will take him back to surgery, reopen  him up and try to repair it so he stops bleeding. Seems sometimes the body will stop it itself but if not he goes back in. Always seems to be another road block for him.

He was in good spirits this morning. His color was good and he was joking around, so that helps. I think he was just relieved it was over with, or almost. As for the cancerous tumor, it’s all gone along with 1/3 of his colon. They didn’t find any more masses or tumors when they operated, so there is good news too.

As for me. I’m tired but less stressed knowing he will be ok. At least I’m pretty sure he will be ok.

Thanks for all the warm thoughts. It does help. I do hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow will have a wonderful day!


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22 thoughts on “Update and a Reminder!

  1. Hi Jackie, so pleased to know R is progressing ok at this point….hope they get his bleeding under control and he can get home again. Will be thinking and sending you good vibes from way down here….


  2. It’s really common to have to go back to the OR for a tune-up after surgery. (Thank goodness he’s in a hospital where they are monitoring him and watching. )
    The good news is his color is good and he is in good spirits. Whew.
    Try to rest up – you’ll be busy once he gets home – and fingers crossed he’ll be cleared to return home this weekend.
    Happy Thanksgiving for sure!


    1. Is it really that common? Wow, I didn’t know that. Not sure I find that reassuring or not. LOL
      Thank you and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


      1. (Daughter is a surgeon.) It’s a doc that’s keeping an eye on things and being proactive doing what’s best for patient before waiting for really bad stuff to happen. People heal differently – need to tweak sometimes. Sending lots of warm healing thoughts. Enjoy this gobble day!

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  3. I wish I weren’t so far behind. Have been keeping you two in my thoughts and hoping for a positive outcome. It’s probably better that they keep him a bit longer so there will be someone around that knows about those things until the healing begins. You sure don’t want that happening at home. Giant hugs.


    1. We are hoping he will be home Monday, but it’s a day by day thing. I know he’s bored and can’t get any rest, but like you I think it’s best if they keep him for now to make sure everything is ok. Big hugs!

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  4. What a long day for you, I’m glad hubby’s on the mend and home, I’ve been reading backwards, what else is new? Anyway, glad to hear his bleeding stopped and he’s doing fine. Hope you rested and took care of yourself too.


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