Silly Sunday ~~ January 17, 2016








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23 thoughts on “Silly Sunday ~~ January 17, 2016

  1. These are very funny! When it’s really cold like what you have now, shoveling snow is hard work. Please stay warm, my friend. Sending a warm, big, stormy hug from here!


  2. we shovelled snow for the first time yesterday, here in the flatlands of Switzerland. I’d forgotten the beauty of sunshine, snow and hills! but I know about shovelling snow in Alberta – sometimes it never seems to end there. the snow, I mean. white for five months… I was color starved by March.


    1. Where I am in Alberta it’s not quite so bad. We get a lot of warmer weather in between the snow falls so it melts. It is pretty the first few times. After that it’s just work. πŸ™‚


  3. The Eco Grandma

    I needed a good chuckle, it’s friggin’ 6 degrees out and lightly snowing. I want summer!

    And the do it right the first time, I wish that were true for dishes and laundry as well. 😦


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