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Wednesday Whatever! ~~ Fun With Words

Hello, People! Remember me? Today for Wednesday Whatever I thought we would have another edition of Fun with Words. Being a writer and a lover of words in general, finding the different ways to have fun with words is ….well, fun! Let’s see what I have for you today……




Today I thought I would bring you some different words you don’t see every day. Words that are unusually specific and therefore, perfect for certain situations and words that are just fun to say.


bibliobibuli……people who read too much. (Is that even possible??)

discalced………barefooted (just saying he’s barefooted is not near as much fun as saying, ‘he’s discalced’)

latrinalia………..graffiti found in restrooms. (Here I just thought all those writings were just defacing it!)

recidivist…….one who continually commits crime and seems incurable of criminal tendencies (I have some relatives that are recidivists.)

ultra-crepidarian………….giving opinions or criticism beyond one’s own range of experience. (Wow! They’ve been on facebook!)

walla-walla………..the unintelligible sound made by many people talking at once. (Oh my, our family reunions are full of walla-walla)

tergiversate………to turn one’s back on one’s party or cause; also, to make evasive statements or equivocate. (Trump if full of tergiversates!)

spanghew……….to cause a frog or toad to fly up in the air. (Don’t frighten the frogs!)


quincunx…………the pattern of five objects arranged such that four of the five objects form a square, while the fifth is positioned in the middle. (The dots on the ‘5’ side of a die are arranged in a quincunx.)

perendinate………… put off until the day after tomorrow; also, to keep postponing from day to day. (I always perendinate the bills)

omphalopsychite…………one who contemplates his navel. (Everyone needs a hobby)

jillick…… skip a stone across water. ( I used to jillick when I was a kid!)

expiscate…….to learn through laborious investigation (As I did with this post!)

donnybrook……….a brawl or heated public dispute.(The last presidential debate was a donnybrook!)

chatoyant…………changing in luster or color, as cat’s eyes. (Now this I did not know!)

floccinaucinihilipilification……..the categorizing of something as worthless. (Like this post!)


There you have it people, just a few of the better ones I found. Now I think I need to find a pond so I can jillick and take a break.



Have you come across any words that are unusual? 

16 thoughts on “Wednesday Whatever! ~~ Fun With Words

  1. We get to add new words to the dictionary each year; why can’t we take out some useless words too. I can’t even imagine using any of those. But we learned something new today. Have a wonderful week.


  2. Skipping stones had a fancy word! Who knew? I was pretty good at that back in the day. 🙂


    1. LOL I have lots of better things to do, Kim. I just thought they were strange and so I knew you would be fascinated. 😉


  3. I knew one of your words but I have a question on another. If Walla Walla is too many people talking at once what does that say about the people who live in Walla Walla Washington? 🙂


  4. Oh my! I had never heard or seen most of these words. Some of them will be very useful like ultra-crepidarian and walla walla. And yes, I did jillick when I was a kid too 😀


  5. One of my favorite words is crepuscular – “of, resembling, or relating to twilight.” I did a post once about how squirrels, particularly during the summer, are very crepuscular in nature (Most active around dawn and dusk). That post still gets a lot of search engine hits two years later, and just this past weekend, the post got “referenced” by someone on a lunkhead political message board (Which I only knew about due to my Stats page… I followed the link) in an obviously off topic argument about whether squirrels are crepuscular animals or not. Problem was, the lunkhead who originated the thread was under the mistaken impression that crepuscular meant “active during both night and day.” It was fun to see my blog get brushed off as some “disreputable website” by a political-minded lunkhead! 🙂


    1. Ha! That’s a great story! Maybe my post will get that kind of recognition too! 😉 Although it would hard to top yours.


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