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Monday Meeting~~ March 14, 2015

Hello from sunny Alberta, Canada!

I’ve lived here in Alberta for the past fifteen years and I don’t think I have ever seen a milder winter. Hardly any snow (sorry farmers) and warm temperatures. We’ve seen it in the mid 60’s plenty of times this past month. Spring isn’t officially here until this coming weekend but I would say we have been having Spring-like weather for weeks now.

Anyway, let’s get this meeting started.

Monday Meeting


Some of you have been asking how the husband is doing. First, thank you for your thoughts and warm wishes. It is deeply appreciated. The husband seems to be doing much better. He has managed to stay out of the hospital. That’s always a good thing. He is taking better care of himself in that he is now drinking lots of water and taking things seriously. Like most men I think he thought things would just go on as ‘normal’ and he would be able to drink what he wanted. Which was NOT water.

After taking out a third of his colon the doctors tried to explain to him that he needed to do certain things. Like, drink lots of water. He thought he knew better….after all, this is how he always lived his life.

Big surprise that he was wrong! ha! He wouldn’t listen to me or the doctors but I bet he listens to his body from now on. The last stay in the hospital scared him straight, I hope. Water is so very important to your body!

He has even managed to gain a little weight. Good news there. He has some home care now also. We finally were able to get some of that because he blacked out in the bathroom last month and hurt himself. We don’t know why he blacked out but it has happened a few times before, so the doctor is concerned. We have been able to get him a bath bench for the tub and a walker. He has some mobility issues, mostly due to his back. So they gave him a walker to use.

I’m not sure how much he will use it because he refuses to use it in public. I tried to explain to him that no one cares if he is using a walker, they have their own problems and lives to live and they don’t care if one old skinny guy is walking with the help of a walker. Sometimes his pride gets in the way of good old common sense.

We’ve also had a dietician visit us this afternoon from Home Care. I personally thought it was a waste of time. I’ve talked to more dietitians in my life than I care to say. This one is not going to tell me anything different. They want the husband to gain weight. Duh! He is gaining weight. Just slowly….which to me is like losing weight. Slow is good. He eats what he wantsย if we can afford it. He doesn’t eat a lot in one sitting but he grazes all day and half the night. She left him some nutritional drinks like Ensure to see if he likes it. I told her straight out….it’s not an issue if he likes them or not….it’s if we can afford them.

All in all, things with him are getting better.

Built by Damon Bennett!
Built by Damon Bennett!

As for other news. Remember a few months back when I told you guys I won a dog house for Sam and a Lowes gift card of 2500.00? I think I posted that I had gotten the dog house and was still waiting for the gift card. Well, I finally got it! Yes! Twenty-five hundred big ones to spend on appliances!

I am now the proud owner of a new refrigerator, dishwasher AND stove! Lowes was having a sale the day I went out there and so I was able to get all three, have them delivered, installed and the old appliances hauled off. All for the amount of the gift card. Finally something good happening! I’m a happy camper.

One more piece of news and then you can sit and tell me all your news. My book, ‘A Case of Deceit’ will be FREE from March 18th to the 22nd! I’m having a Spring Fling sale as the Deceit book will be free and ‘The Canine Caper’ is 99 cents. So if you haven’t read my book yet…..and why haven’t you?? ย You can download it for free from Amazon this weekend. Just click the book pictures on my sidebar and it will take you right to Amazon! Thanks!

I’ll be posting a reminder on Thursday. If you would be so kind as to download, read and please…please leave a review! I would be in your debt. ๐Ÿ™‚


Now, what’s going on in your world? Let me know!



18 thoughts on “Monday Meeting~~ March 14, 2015

  1. Glad your husband is improving. Eating what you like helps immensely–your husband is on the right track! Congrats on winning the Lowe’s card! WOW! Lucky you! I have been to Edmonton and Banff…beautiful province! Love the River Valley in Edmonton.


    1. Thank you! Alberta is a wonderful province. So beautiful. Banff is great and believe it or not, I’ve never been to Edmonton. Thank you for visiting! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you! Our fridge was on the way out, the dishwasher hasn’t worked for 3 years and stove ran hot. We really needed them! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I am just tickled pink at all the good news!!! What a delight to hear the hubby is getting better and now you can cook easier and have a dishwasher and fridge to make life easier. It’s about time. Are you making any money on your books? I’ll check to see if I wrote a review. It was my intention but the mind goes off by itself sometimes and needs to be dragged back home.


  3. Congrats Jackie! New appliances are awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, how does Sam like the dog house?


    1. Thanks, Mer! ? They sure make life a bit easier. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sam doesn’t know about the dog house yet. It’s in our driveway as it wouldn’t fit through the yard gate. Plus it weighs 500 lbs so we can’t move it! I’m trying to figure out a way to take a part of the fence down and find some help moving it in the backyard. Always something, eh? lol


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