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The Incomplete List of Small Pleasures ~~~ April 4, 2016

This is something I started a few weeks ago. It’s just a list of small pleasures for the day, hour, minute. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and frustrated it’s good to look for the small pleasures in life. There are always some…no matter how bad a day you’re having. Certain times that seem the toughest is when we should really look for those small pleasures. Today just seemed right for another list.

Feel free to make your own list. If you do link back and let me know as I would love to read them.



The Incomplete



  • Spring weather…even though it makes my allergies act up, I still love to watch the temperature climb and things turn green and leafy.
  • Friends….those the reach out to make sure I’m ok, or just to chat.
  • Words….words strung together that make me smile, think or feel good. I’m in love with words.
  • My cats….they caught their first springtime mouse this morning. Yes, in the house. We are surrounded by fields and it’s that time of the year. Good kitties.
  • Hearing aids and the husband wearing them! haha! True. Otherwise, the TV would blast me out of the house or my mind. Possibly both.
  • Hot coffee….Now you know I had to add that at some point. 😉
  • My new dishwasher. I went without for three years and hated doing the dishes every day. I sure appreciate just loading them in the dishwasher, pushing a button and walking away. Ahhh, feels good.
  • Not having to go to the emergency room this past weekend. The husband was pretty sick. We managed to stay out of the hospital. I think it was a flu bug he caught at the store from someone. His resistance is way down because of the chemo. He is on solid foods again and feeling tons better. Every day is an adventure in this house.


That’s my list for now. Could change later today. Who knows.

What would be on your list right now?




20 thoughts on “The Incomplete List of Small Pleasures ~~~ April 4, 2016

  1. A few quiet minutes to sit outside in the sun when it’s not too hot, not too cold, and the wind is shuffling the palm fronds like surf – and nothing to do even if it’s just for a few minutes.
    Good kitties, indeed – we saw a runner last night dash across the street when walking the dog – More hawks! More owls! More hunter cats!


  2. Always awesome to list the things you’re thankful for. I need to do that more often. Like right now. I wish so many of the things I enjoy (and am thankful for) weren’t foods which are bad for me, though…


  3. I had to smile about the hearing aid. One of the ladies I live with doesn’t where her hearing aid and the TV is always at full blast. It’s good to find something to be thankful everyday. I’m always thankful that I wake up in the morning and more thankful when I am pain free.


  4. I wish I had time to share my list. It will have to wait until later. I needed this though…this morning…so thank you. Off the top of my head… Coffee, coffee, coffee, and more coffee…giggles, my wife, paid bills, my cute green car, not so much spring because we never had a winter, it’s hard not to feel robbed. LOL


  5. I think human nature seems to emphasize the negative over the positive while not noticing all the small treasures that we encounter every day. Even at this very moment, I’m warm (it’s cold outside), my feet are up, I’m leaning back while typing on a laptop, to a person in Canada. That’s a lot of good.


  6. It is great to make lists of good things. That’s when we discover that life is a balancing act of things we like and things we don’t 🙂 I’m sure you know what’s on my list. And you’re right, little Dylan who makes me laugh every day! Thanks for your mail, dear friend.


    1. It must be close to your bedtime! Go to bed and get some rest. 😉 I’m happy you have Dylan. I’m sure he does make you laugh, like my Sam does me. 🙂

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