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Monday Meeting ~~ June 13, 2016

It’s been quite a while since I wrote one of these Monday Meeting posts. So grab yourself something to drink and sit a spell.


Monday Meeting


Let me just freshen my coffee and I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to.

Ah, there we go. So, how is everyone doing? I’ve read about the terrible shooting in Orlando. So sad. I’ve read a lot of comments on posts about the shooting and let me ask you something…..has everyone gone completely crazy?? I tell you the comments are almost as bad as the shooting! People! Where has your common sense gone? Where is your compassion? Your love of other human beings? It saddened me that there were so many hateful comments. So many people took the opportunity to rant about the US government and blame Obama once more. Obama is no more to blame than I am! Come on people. One man went in there. One man made the decision to shoot those people. One man decided he was more important, more worthy, more whatever and decided to kill a bunch of strangers. One man with a gun. And his name wasn’t Obama.

Then, of course, you had comments that went off the rail about gun control. I won’t even go there. People need to wake up and smell the gun powder……but enough said on that also. My blog is not going to be the stomping ground for arguments. I won’t go there. I just feel so terribly sad for the many people affected by one man’s decision. The world is a scary, scary place where you have a place with little gun control and possibly a future president that is just as crazy and egotistical as the shooter.

I love my homeland, the USA but I’m so very sad of where it is right now and where it’s heading.

That’s about as political as I’ll ever get on here. Sorry folks. Just had to get it out there.

On to more personal news. The husband is finished with his chemo treatments. Yay!! This was his last month of them. He says he’s feeling better and his stomach seems to be doing much better. We have one more visit with the Cancer Clinic at the end of the month. Of course, he will have to have another CAT scan and colonoscopy to make sure everything is ok. They have already told us that he will have to be monitored for the next three to five years to make sure he stays cancer free. Still, it’s good to hear him say he’s feeling better.

That’s not going to help his health in other ways. He will always be disabled and in pain because of his back but at least we don’t have to worry too much about cancer now. And believe me, that was one big worry. It will also mean fewer pills for him to take, fewer doctor visits, less hospital visits. Less of a lot of things. So, it’s all good.

As for me. I seem to be in limbo. Ever since my mom died a couple of weeks ago, I feel like I’m just treading water. One good thing that has come out of it is that my sister and I are talking again. We are back to being friends……well…..back to being sisters anyway. Maybe the friend part will come later. I call her every weekend and we talk for a couple of hours. It’s nice. Especially since I was feeling a bit adrift as I used to call my mom every weekend.

Otherwise, I’ve been reading. A lot. One book after another. It’s what I seem to fall back on when I’m grieving. I remember I did it when I found out dad had died too. I just buried myself in books. Maybe I’m hiding. I don’t know. It’s my way to deal with things. I haven’t been writing. I just can’t seem to settle long enough to write. I do hope it will pass. I’m sure it will. Do you think it will?

I’ve also been cleaning house. Getting rid of stuff we don’t use. Just overall cleaning. It tires me out so I can sleep at night. It also makes me sore as hell but the place is looking good! I found out I’m not as young as I used to be. I tell you this getting older is hell. Things I used to do with ease, even ten years ago, is much harder now. I have aches where I never had them. Sigh. I hate that part of growing older. Better than the alternative, eh.

So, as with life, there have been bad things and good things going on. I’m hoping for more good for a while. I need to step back from the bad…..just for a bit longer…..and adjust.




How have you been lately?










10 thoughts on “Monday Meeting ~~ June 13, 2016

  1. That’s great to hear about the treatments wrapping up and reconnecting with your sister.

    You are still in the early stages of all of “this”, so yes, I believe the ability to write will come back because it’s part of you. Patience, my dear.

    I’m me…no better but no worse for today at least 🙂


  2. Good Monday to you as well. Yes, the world has gone a bit crazy. There are so many more people, the media is looking for any bit of (bad) news it can find to keep their jobs. Can you imagine a news show with no bad news to report? Lots of job openings. So the loonies make headlines and the rest of us shake our heads. Most of us don’t behave that way. You could give me a fancy gun like that and it would probably rust out from no use. Most of us wouldn’t even want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We don’t make the headlines. “Jackie went to great lengths to make peace with her family and repair hard feelings” will never be front page news.
    I am happy hubby is doing better and that will help you both. And yes, you will recover after a long period of being shell shocked over your mother’s death. I know how hard that can be. Thought I was having a nervous breakdown after. Reading is a good thing to do so enjoy it. Everything in it’s right time and place. Hang on to hubby. The ride only gets wilder. Hugs.


    1. I usually don’t read the bad stuff too often as it’s quite depressing and I don’t need any help in that department. I’ve owned guns before (nothing like that was used in Orlando) and I’ve used guns before, but people are nuts. I’m not sure if it’s just more news or what. I mean I know the news just loves to sensationalize things. That’s their business. I don’t have to read it.
      Ah, well. Hubby is doing better. They want him to gain weight. Well that’s all well and good but it was hard for him when all he did was throw it up. Maybe now he will gain some weight. I keep offering him mine but he refuses it. ha! Hugs my friend.

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  3. I have a tendency to clean like that when my life feels out of sorts. Not sure why it helps but it always seems to. ❤


  4. I’m so glad that hubby’s chemo is over – that’s great news, Jackie 😀

    I hadn’t written for a long time and then when my mum died in March I started writing again. I don’t know why that switch came on, but I guess it’s just my way of dealing with loss – we all have our own ways and I think it’s wonderful that you and your sister are ‘sisters again’ xxx

    As for the shooting? You’re so right – one man did it. I haven’t read anything negative about Obama, but it saddens me to think people would blame him (and I’m not sure why they would anyway). There’s only one way to stop mass shootings – get rid of the guns! I said this once in a blog comment a couple of years ago and ended up getting smashed by pro-gun people. Oh dear 😉


    1. Most of my readers I think would agree with us about the guns. If not, at least they keep it to themselves and don’t argue. I usually keep stuff like that off my blog but just had to say something. I mean, I know that people kill other people and that guns are just tools. But if they were harder to come by maybe there wouldn’t be so many killings using these tools.
      Grief is a strange thing, differs in people. I tend to hide away and stew and clean. I do hope I get back to writing as it’s been too long away. Hope you are doing well, Dianne. xxx

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