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I Need Help With Amazon!

I need some help dealing with Amazon. I’ve tried emailing them, talking to them on the phone and emailing them some more. Maybe someone out there has some suggestions on what I should do.

It all started almost a month ago. My Amazon account was hacked into and hijacked by someone with the email of … They managed to change my password and so I wasn’t able to get into my Amazon account. So I emailed Amazon customer service and explained in detail what happened. They sent me back an email saying to just go ahead and change my password. So I tried.


I'm beyond done!
I’m beyond done!


I should have received an email stating that I changed my password. I didn’t. I also never received an email about this hockey.puck person changing the email and password of my account. So I emailed Amazon again and said I never received confirmation that I changed my password. They emailed me back and said that’s because all emails were going to my new email address… Sighhhhhh.

I emailed back and stated again that hockey.puck wasn’t my email! That it was the email of the hacker. I needed this person off my account so I could get my account back. They said it was easier just to close the account and open a new account with my email. Ok, I could do that. So that’s what I did. I tried using my email that I used before as it is my main email account. Guess what? I can’t use it as it says my account has been closed so I am no longer able to use this email. So I write customer service and tell them this. I get an email back stating I should be able to open another account with my email. So I try again. Ok, fine. It works. Sort of.

I was able to open an account but because they closed the old one I no longer have access to my Author account. So now my two books are out there without their mother. They are lonely and scared. And this hockey.puck character has control of them.

So I decide to call Amazon customer service instead. Maybe if I talk to a live person and explain the situation I can get my babies back. The person I talked to was very apologeticย and said they will send my account to the technical department to straighten things out. They should contact me within 24 hours. So I wait.

I receive an email from them stating that they closed my account….again. But nothing about my books or my author account. So I still couldn’t get into them to either delete them out of Amazon and start fresh or to access my old author account. So I called again. I also wrote another email.

They told me to just open a new account. Fine, I would except my two books are already listed in my old author account. It would be too confusing to have them listed twice, even if both times I’m still listed as the author.

So now what? I’ve tried calling again and just get the same thing. My account will be sent to someone. They keep sending me the same damn email! Yet, nothing is done. I am going to try to call again. I’m not sure if it will help or further confuse them. I want my books back! I can’t see any reports….nothing. I know I don’t sell alot of them, but they are still my babies and I want them back!

Anyone have any suggestions? Ideas?



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63 thoughts on “I Need Help With Amazon!

  1. God, that’s so annoying… I can’t think of anything except call them repeatedly until they fix it. Any problems I’ve had so far, I fixed with the chat line, they were very helpful. But of course my problems weren’t so serious…


  2. I would only have been able to suggest taking to them again. Have you got an iPad or similar you could skype them on and when you get through to a technician, follow instructions live – it’s so easy to be told what to do then you log off and it doesn’t work. Sorry, that’s the only bit of advice I can think of. What a horrible thing to happen.


  3. To start with you are dealing with a giant company that works on the one side fits all principle so you basically don’t matter to them. They don’t pay their stuff much, so with the best will,most of them can’ do much for you.
    That said, if someone is getting money owed to you, then they are committing fraud, so they should be concerned about this aspect of your problem.
    I had problems with them over verification – dragged on for over a year. I kept getting promises it would be sorted, god knows how much time and effort I wasted, just stuck in a loop with them.
    I suggest you go to the Amazon website and just complain anywhere you can find. tell them your problem and tell them you want an answer. If you keep knocking long enough they might get so sick of you they will pass it to someone who can sort it.
    Alternatively you could try getting professional advice – but probably cost more than the problem is worth. No idea where you are – any access to consumer advice? Writers’ union? Problem is Amazon is a specialist area so not likely to help.
    Good luck with it.

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  4. I can’t make myself to ‘like’ this post. What a pain! I have no constructive advice, but I just thought what I would do. And that is probably be to write one more letter/email to them detailing the whole history point by point – and next detailing (again) what you want to happen. Now. I think Amazon may have a ‘big company syndrome – nobody has an overview of the history, just bits and pieces. That is my theory ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope they will sort this mess out pronto.


  5. Call their PR/Media Relations department and say you are a reporter working for some famous site and are looking for a quote regarding their inefficiency in dealing with a blogger case where her email was hacked and customer support was dropping the ball. See if the threat of larger exposure to their shenanigans makes them move.

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      1. Honestly, from what I have seen following tech blogs these issues never get resolved until a news site or blog picks them up. Reach out to reporters, maybe someone who freelances with the Huffington Post. Every time I see one of these cases go viral, the corporation magically resolves the issue within a day.


  6. Oh gosh! This sounds hideous indeed! Assuming you will eventually get resolution, the best thing to do to thwart hackers is to change your email or password frequently. I am so sorry!


      1. Wow, that’s very disturbing to hear–that you’d already been doing all the right things… Do you know who the hacker is?? Jeez, that’s scary, Jackie.


        1. All I know is the hacker’s email or the one they used anyway. I imagine that if I were to contact them via the email it would tell me that it’s no longer in service. It is rather scary and it’s frustrating how much one has to go through to get it cleared up. It’s not easy.


          1. I wonder, do you know anyone who’s an IT or IP genius who could uncover the identity for you? I think these fiend’s should be prosecuted…but then I’m really big on law and justice ๐Ÿ™‚ (a hang ’em high blogger–sound scary? ๐Ÿ™‚ )


          2. Well, I wasn’t thinking about practicalities like legal fees….I get very emotional, have strong opinions. I bet it’s just a matter of time till the “free” attorneys start seeing a need to step up.

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  7. Jackie, sorry you are having this problem with Amazon. The main problem here is that each time you call/talk/write to someone, you get a different person, and have to repeat your problem umpteen times, and the issue doesn’t get resolved so you have to go through the cycle millions of times. If your books are done through Createspace, I’d go there and see if you can re-distribute them via that way (and change your Createspace password as well. Not sure if that would resolve it, but it may help get your babies back under your control. But keep pestering them, and go straight to the top instead of letting the ‘little’ people brush you off. I too get very emotional (pissed off) when people do stuff like that (hacking), as have had that happen with a couple of my books, where people somehow pick them up from Amazon and turn around and offer them at a cheaper rate, or worse yet – FREE. Best of luck. I hope this may help in some way.


    1. Thank you Anastacia. This is exactly the problem! Or one of them anyway. I have written Amazon again this morning. I am also going to write to Jeff Bezos as several people suggested. I just want my books back under my control! I’m sorry you’ve had problems also. I think most authors come up on problems. I will check CreateSpace as I do have my books there also. I’ve been so focused on Amazon I overlooked Createspace. Thanks for the reminder.


  8. Can you report the books to Amazon as copyright violations? If you are not being compensated for the sales, and someone is selling your books without your permission, that’s a copyright violation. Amazon should be cracking down on that and pulling them.


    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know if there were even any sales as I can’t access my book account to see the reports. Once I have access I will be able to determine if further action is necessary. Thanks for your suggestion.


  9. If you need help reformatting the original files for ebook, I will be happy to help. I know that it is a horrible thought to start again from scratch, but if it is your only option, I will help in any way I can. I’m sorry this happened to you, and hope that it all gets sorted out.

    My only suggestion would be to set up a completely new account, inform your banking and tax bodies about the issue so that it goes no further, and build your books again, perhaps using a modified author nameโ€”the real JackieP. If you do go the “from scratch” route, make it clear in the blurb of each book, and on your author profile, that the other account is a hacked account, controlled by a thief.

    I wish I could offer good advice or a solution, but all I can offer is help if you need it at no charge


    1. Thank you so much for the offer. That’s very kind and generous of you. I will most certainly keep you in mind if I need any help. I will see what Kindle books has to say as they have contacted me and are looking into things. I should know something tomorrow. Thank you again.


  10. I saw this article and asked someone I consider an Amazon expert for her advice. She said two things. 1. It is extremely difficult to find anyone from Amazon that will listen AND have the authority to correct the problem. 2. For that reason, you should send an email to Jeff Bezos directly at He won’t deal with it himself, but he has staff (an exec) that can and will get you to the right people. She has done this before with good results. I’d say it is worth a shot. It can’t hurt to try.

    I would also echo Nico’s concern about banking and tax issues. If they hacked your account, they probably have your personal information and you should definitely implement Identity Theft protection with the major credit agencies and your banking establishment. Good luck. I hope you will be able to rectify this situation soon.

    My last thought, if nothing else works, you could post the links to your books and we could all report a copyright violation to Amazon. Technically by hacking your account and taking over your books that is exactly what the person is doing.

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    1. My next step is to write Jeff Bezos. I have talked to someone today that said he will correct my problem tomorrow. If it doesn’t happen I will write Mr Bezos. Thank you for your concern and your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

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  11. This is horrible and frightening, How can Amazon not do something pronto when an author’s bookpage is being compromised? Gosh, I hate how they have us against a rock and a hard place. Please do let us know when it gets sorted. I’m off to change my password!


  12. What a depressing story. My heart goes out to you. We had our account at a local store hacked and the person charged over $3k in items to our account. We got LifeLock.What about getting a new email account – it’s a trial and a half but wouldn’t that work?


    1. Thank you. I could set it up with a new email but I would still have the same problems….I don’t have control of my books. That’s what I’m fighting for right now.


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