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It’s Tuesday, Another Challenge Day!

Hello, People. Hope your week is going well.

Today I thought I would give you a picture prompt. If you want to join me in this challenge you can take the picture and attach a story, poem, or whatever to it. Go crazy! Have fun! There is no word limit so go short or long.

I decided to write a poem. Well, what I consider a poem. Or something close to it. ha! Hope you enjoy.





Paper bird in a cage dreaming to become real

To fly and soar and be free

To escape this cage of steel

Dreams are swirling like mist over a lake

Waiting to crystallize, to become wings

Feathered and light

Beautiful to behold

Up high it flies, no longer paper

No longer earth-bound

Dreams become reality, even for a paper bird in a steel cage

Instead of folded paper wings, feathers of magical dreams





It’s not much but it’s mine. Let me know if you join along! 





22 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday, Another Challenge Day!

    1. I’m watching a show called Heartland which is set in your part of the world, Alberta. Stunning scenery all those snow capped mountains and what appears as very cold a lot of the time……very enjoyable and a a beautiful part of the world…


      1. It is very beautiful and full of good people. As for the cold, well it IS Canada. 😉 But actually it depends on where you are at in Alberta. I’m southern so it’s not as cold or snowy like the rest. I think that having the Rockies go through Alberta is worth it. 🙂

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  1. That poem says a lot, Jackie. I’m not a poetry person but that one was beautiful. I’m not quite ready to decide what’s next yet so I’ll pass on the challenge this time around. Hugs my friend.


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