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Free Book and Catching Up

Hello, People!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday. The kids are back in school and fall is in the air. At least here it is. Autumn has one foot in the door and soon both feet will be firmly planted in my little corner of Canada.

The sky is a deeper blue and the trees have started to change. Speaking of trees. Can a person mourn a tree? I ask because I think I am. The neighbors had a beautiful huge tree in their yard and it was cut down the other day.

I loved that tree.

I mourn for thee!
I mourn for thee!



I don’t know why they cut it down. Well, to be precise, the neighbors didn’t cut it down as we who live in this mobile home park don’t own the land we live on. We rent it. We own the houses but we don’t own the land. The owner had the wonderful tree cut down. I don’t think it was sick. At least it didn’t look sick to my layman’s eyes. It was tall and majestic with lots of leaves. It wasn’t losing branches, even in the strong winds we got. At least not that I noticed.

Now it’s gone. I’m sad that it’s gone. I loved watching the birds flutter in and out of its branches. The leaves turned a majestic gold in the Autumn. I mourn that tree. It seemed such a waste to cut it down.

Moving on.

My friend Mer and I have started a new blog. I’m sure you’ve noticed me repost from it this week. The Thrifty DivasΒ is a blog that we hope will help people on a budget like we are. We plan on having tips on buying on a budget, recipes, and other fun stuff. Give us a read if you haven’t already. It’s going to be a blog for those of us that are poor but proud. We all need help with living well on little. Come join us!

Today Mer has a great post on ‘5 Things to do with 5 bucks’.

Other news.

Today through Monday my book A Case of Deceit is free on Kindle! It’s my birthday Monday the 12th and I thought I would once again offer my book for free to everyone. Just click on the sidebar on the book and it’ll take you straight to Amazon where you can order it for free. Enjoy and please…..if you do read it please leave a review! Even a short one will do. Thanks!



Do you have plans for the weekend? Let me know! I’m nosy that way. πŸ˜‰





22 thoughts on “Free Book and Catching Up

  1. Yes mourn that tree. I went through my old neighborhood and the whole area has change. Buildings, houses, business gone or changed sadden me. I was mourning the past. If I can mourn change you can too.


  2. I’d mourn that tree too. I don’t get people who cut down healthy trees probably never will.

    I do have plans for the weekend! I received a call asking if I could keep my oldest granddaughter this weekend as her father found a weekend job near me to fill in until he is called back to work. I had already made arrangements to have the younger granddaughter for the weekend because I don’t see her as much now that she’s in school full time. We’re going to go out to eat and visit a local car show that has activities for the children. After that I’ll let the girls dictate what we do.

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  3. Yes, you are right to mourn for the tree. It’s hard to lose one. I’ve had to take several down because of location, (too close to the house and a lightning rod), decay, (invisible to the eye) or an invasive root system. Each tree was replaced by three more. My rule when forced to take one down. I’m still digging up roots from the one here that was growing up under my mobile home and the driveway. Planted 3 lilacs, a dogwood, smoke tree and a Japanese silk tree. Whatever the original, sad looking tree was, the roots were around the water lines too. I once had to take down a healthy looking eucalyptus that was probably 100 years old. It was leaning toward our neighbors yard. They were the kind that would sue just for the money. When we got it down, it was infested with finger sized worms. Yuck. I hate to lose a beautiful shade tree. My neighbor next door took one down and all the stink bugs apparently went with it. It was a cottonwood and the stink bugs were living in it. Who knew?? Maybe the owners will plant something else nice. But it’s not the same. We lease our land here too.


    1. There may have been something wrong with the tree that I don’t know about. They haven’t taken down any other trees so that might be the case. I’ll find out eventually as the husband gossips with the ladies across the way. LOL I want to plant lilacs in the back. But neither of us is good for shoveling so I may have to ask the young man that cuts our lawn. Maybe in the spring.

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      1. You make me laugh, Jackie. My last husband always found out everything going on in the neighborhood. I miss that. I planted little five gallon trees. They are cheaper and easier to dig holes for. My son dug the holes for the dogwood and the Japanese Silk tree as he was the one that wanted those trees. πŸ™‚ Sometimes you can bribe the kids with a batch of cookies or banana bread. Food works some of the time. πŸ™‚ I miss the shade of my neighbors tree but do not miss those stink bugs one bit. Planting in the fall is usually better than planting in the summer like we did. Makes the tree struggle too much.


  4. I was sad when the association here at my condo chopped down my squirrel tree (without warning.) My husband and I were upset..that was a nice old tree. Now our kitchen gets so hot by mid-afternoon and we have no shade on the patio.

    I mourn my old tree too. 😦


    1. Thanks Michael. I didn’t see them cut it up for firewood as it was a professional company that did it. But I do hope they use it for something. Every time I see that big empty sky next door I mourn that tree all over again.


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