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Taking a Walk on The Dark Side

Hello, People!

Today I’m going to let you see a bit of the dark side of me. My friend Mer, over at Knocked over by a feather did a post recently where she answered some dark questions she found on a different website. So today I thought I would answer some questions of my own.

I think everyone has a dark side. A part of them that is capable of dark deeds. Not necessarily evil or bad deedsΒ just acts that you wouldn’t normally do or sometimes things that you would never think you would ever do. Life has a way of testing you…how much you can handle…how dark you can get to survive.

Most of us would shock ourselves in what we would be willing to do if we were forced to make a decision. If it was a ‘you or them’ situation. I’m going to try to be as honest as I can with the answers. Truthfully, though…One never knows what a person is capable of until the choices are in front of you in a real life drama but I will do my best.

The questions come from this website….here.




Would you rather know the date of your death or the cause of your death?

I think I would rather know the date rather than the cause. That way I could live my life to the fullest which I should be doing anyway, I know, but knowing the date somehow would make it more real.

Do you like the taste of blood?

Um, no! I would make a terrible vampire. I hate the coppery taste.

Would you rather bleed out or be set on fire?

Well, neither really but if I had to choose let me bleed out as I understand it’s fairly painless. You basically get really tired and then go into a permanent sleep. Sounds a whole lot better than being a crispy critter.

What would you do to defend yourself if someone broke into your house?

I always have a plan in the back of my head of what to do in case of emergencies. One for fire, one for break-ins. I usually have something in each room that can be used as a weapon. You might be surprised what things can be used as a weapon. When I lived in Texas I had guns. I’m an excellent markswoman. I usually hit what I aim at. Now that I live in Canada, I don’t have a gun. In my bedroom I have a metal pole, which can be lethal if used right. As for what would I do….well I already know what I would do as it has happened to me before. I would fight and I would fight dirty and would hurt the person who broke in if possible. I’ve shot at people who attempted to break in. I’ve set dogs on people who wanted to break in. I would not hesitate to hurt someone. I might be old and a small woman but believe me I know what I am capable of.

If someone you loved committed a gruesome murder, would you help them cover it up?

It depends on the circumstances. Was the person they killed a bad person? Were they trying to kill the person I loved first? Was it self-defense? Either way, probably not. It’s hard to get away with killing someone. Easier to give yourself up and just confess then try to get away with it.

If you were trapped on an island, would you rather resort to cannibalism or die of starvation?

If I had any other choice I would rather not do either. Truthfully, this is one of those questions that you can’t really know the answer to until you are in that situation. Sure, you might be grossed out at the thought of eating another human being but when you are starving you would be amazed at what you would eat to survive. I’d like to think I wouldn’t eat another human being just to live…but I might, as the survival instinct is very strong in me and I know this. There are very few islands that have no living creatures on them in some form, also, you are surrounded by water with fish and stuff in it. I would hope I’m smart and resourceful enough not to have to resort to cannibalism.

Have you ever seen a ghost, a spaceship, or anything else you couldn’t rationally explain?

Yes. As many of my long-term readers know, I’ve seen ghosts. In fact, I live with one. So no big deal. I’ve also seen things that I can’t explain. That doesn’t make them any less real. My life has been full of unexplained phenomenon. I’m weird that way.

Have you ever had a dream about killing someone?

Oh yeah, lots of times. I would dream of how, when, where, and how much I would enjoy it. It would be extremely painful for them too. If anyone has been abused in their life, they have dreamed of killing someone.

If you came back as a ghost, whose life would you make a living hell?

I think I had an evil smile when I read this one. I have a list. If there is any way I CAN come back I am. (insert evil laugh here)

If you could ask the devil a question, what would it be?

What the hell is wrong with you???




Hope you enjoyed this post. I should have saved it for Halloween…….

What would some of your answers be?Β 









29 thoughts on “Taking a Walk on The Dark Side

  1. I think I would be OK with cannibalism if I weren’t killing that person for that reason. More Donner Party or stranded soccer team in the Andes than Walking Dead. Then again, if it’s only delaying the inevitable…then maybe not.


        1. Well, I’m thinking that IF there was a devil that would just piss him off and I’d be in a world of hurt. LOL but then again, if there was a devil and I met him I figure it’s not going to be a good day and I might as well ask……

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  2. There are SO many things we don’t know about ourselves until we’re placed in that situation. I know people who have said, ‘this is what I’d do!’ and when the situation arises they do the opposite πŸ˜€

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  3. Great questions and great answers. I could write books on the desire to kill someone. When people hurt you and others, you want to do anything to stop them. I bought a book on poisons while married to the last husband. Never did read it for fear I might use it. But the thought was there. Don’t think I could eat another person if I was starving. I wouldn’t eat baloney if I was starving. Yes, I’ve been that hungry. There wasn’t much of me then. I knew about your ghosts and there are lots of things we can’t see because they are not in our field of consciousness. I would rather bleed out. I’m terrified of fire. Think it was a past life experience. Yes, I believe in recurring lives. Like you, I’m a damn good shot for an old blind lady. And I’m loaded and ready. Would I cover up a murder, probably not. Not much you can hide unless you feed the body to the pigs. They eat the bones too. Yes, I know these things. I don’t believe in the “devil”. Just the disconnected side of us. I ask a lot of people, “what the hell were you thinking”. Good question, by the way. πŸ™‚ Fun post. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, Marlene. I don’t believe in the devil either….as an entity. I’ve been pretty hungry a time or two myself, still hard to say what a person would do if starving to the point of death. I don’t think I would eat another person….but who knows. πŸ™‚ I thought it was a different kind of post.

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  4. Interesting. I think it’s impossible to know how one would react in certain situations – until they happen. I would also chose to know my day of departure rather than the cause…and I have experienced unexplained phenomenon – many times indeed, but not seen a ghost as such. And if I ever do, I hope it will be a friendly one πŸ™‚


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